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Discussion in 'Lavatube' started by Warlordxxx, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Warlordxxx

    Warlordxxx Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thought this would be a nice place to add up some lavatube features - Please let me know if i forget anything and i'll add it up..

    • Press power button 7 times to get remaining voltage of battery
    • Press and hold power to turn device off (same to turn back on)
    • Press and hold + & - buttons for 5 seconds to lock voltage (same to unlock)
    • Same voltage when changing battery - lock voltage as above let screen go off change battery as quick as you are able
    • Voltage under load - press power 7 times - press and hold fire button and press power button one more time

    I think that's pretty much it without going into the pure basics :)
  2. jtpjc

    jtpjc Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Are you sure about that last one, voltage under load?

    ETA: seems correct. This option is what everyone was missing.
  3. jtpjc

    jtpjc Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I just noticed that, when using the lavatube a lot, the voltage under use drops a lot. When you leave it alone for a minute or so, the voltage under use goes up again. I suppose that the actual voltage of the battery has an influence on this behaviour.
  4. woooozzaa

    woooozzaa Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I wasn't aware of that last option, but it doesn't make any sence here. Set the LT at 3.0v it reads 3.8 under load on a boge 2.7ohm carto and makes next to no vapor. Set at 6.0v it reads 3.1 under load and I get a burnt taste. o_O

    EDIT: Just tried with dual coils 1.5ohms and 2.5ohms and they both read 3.3 at whatever voltage I set it at...
  5. LeAnn

    LeAnn Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sounds like alot of clicking to me, let alone how many and what fore!:blink:
  6. woooozzaa

    woooozzaa Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yes and its kinda pointless really, the fire button is the main target here. Maybe someone will find a + and - button combo that unlocks a pong game, now THAT would be something good to do between vapes lmao.
  7. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    That's actually a LOT less clicking than Provari owners have to deal with. They have to do multiple clicking just to navigate the menu let alone change the voltage. Most of the above are features you won't have to use every time you pick up the unit.
  8. grizewald

    grizewald Full Member shows the battery voltage under load, not the voltage going to your atty.
  9. DrOckW

    DrOckW Super Member ECF Veteran

    I heard that if you hold down the fire button it also lets you vape.

    no insult intended, just getting punchy while waiting on my LT.
  10. Creniker

    Creniker Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    At least provape had the decency to tell everyone what the clicks were for. Volcano just threw it out without knowing everything it did.
  11. bikertrash

    bikertrash Full Member

    The whole LT thing has been fun to watch/read. Guess what, I have all the hits and frankly, the LT works. If you've ordered one, it'll work. Its not rocket science. Want rocket science, then you probably should start designing electronic circuits. Perhaps look into DC-DC converters.. There's a lot already out there and I'm sure you can find all the stuff on ebay to build one for about $5 as long as you're willing to spend all your free time fitting it all into a special threaded aluminum tube sized properly to accept a battery capable of delivering the amps/volts.

    But! if you're just wanting a good vape, the LT can deliver that. At a price point offering what some of the higher price spreads offer. But, envy value is pretty low. Although, it does look pretty good. For you folks just wanting a great vape to satisfy that need or ??? then the LT will do it it. Get a good 3 ohm cart and fill it up with what you like, dial it in, and I bet you'll be happy. If you want to compare numbers, then you'll never be happy. I'm vaping right now on two (2) LT's, one with a smoktek DC 1.7ohm XXL and the other with STD 510 cart and guess what, they're great! Doin the job! They'll run all day without a battery change.. If you need 10.8volts, you probably need to re-evaluate your requirements. If you're seriously vaping at 6v, then the LT is NOT, NOT, NOT, what you want/need. What I've found works best for this is a big square battery under the hood of my truck but does require special connectors that are hard to find.... These connectors seems to be about 3/4" in diameter and HEAVY. Way too heavy and bulky for me.. In fact 'that' PV weighed in at 36 pounds and I was facing getting hooked on steroids to haul it around.

    My recommendation, learn to 'use' the PV you HAVE and find a combination of carts/juice that work for you. If you want to chase numbers, then, have fun also but, realize, you're chasing numbers and please don't look 'up' to those of us that just want a great vape. I thought this was what this was all about anyways. A healthier alternative.

    Bottom line...... the LT works as long as you're not counting electrons.. But, if you're counting electrons, you'll need something else, Ehh? Maybe the new nuclear fision XYZ that will also glow in the dark.

    Very good VV's... Provari, Rubicon, Madvapes DIY's, Darwin, and oh yeah, the LT... I don't have a Darwin, yet... :) Reason, I don't want a unit with an integral battery.. Only reason I don't have one...

    If you've got an LT or one on the way, get ready..... you're gonna or already having a great vape! If you want to...

    You can make ANY cart/juice taste like crap. Challenge me! I know, I have... disclaimer, sorry, I'm not a PRO reviewer or vaper... Just a user.

    HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Thats why you're here....

  12. bikertrash

    bikertrash Full Member

    THX! for the time you took to offer some great info! Thats why we're here! You have taught me something....
  13. Fazed

    Fazed Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I assume you are directing this little rant at me? Nice.

    Forgive me, and others on here, for wanting to show people what this device can and can not do versus what is claimed by the manufacturer, so they can make a more informed decision.

    Personally, I couldn't care less what you choose to buy or vape on. if the LT makes you happy, more power to you.

    I wish I had some honest unbiased reviews to go over when I first started out vaping, because I would have saved a ton of money on mods that sounded great, but left me wanting.

    So go ahead and take your pot shots, because I will continue to test and review mods as I aquire them, and I will continue to call a spade a spade when they don't do as advertised.

    Sent via cellular communication device...
  14. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Play nice guys....
  15. bikertrash

    bikertrash Full Member

    Wow, FAZED, it appears you have a case of foot in mouth disease. I don't even see you in this thread prior to my comment.

    But, for the record, YOU were not the topic of my discussion.. But, I guess you want to be or something. Sorry to burst your bubble... Your comments or opinions of the LT weren't even on my mind... Sorry....

    But, expressing your opinions is certainly your privilege and I would never challenge that privilege...

    Myself, being a non-professional vaper, I suppose I shouldn't share my views towards something that I have personal experience with. And, I further suppose 'my' biased opinions or humor just aren't as valid.

    I'll let you know though if I decide to rant... I leave nothing to the imagination when I decide to rant..

    Pot shots, looks like you took the first one... also, if you're going to review products, you need to be prepared for criticism. It goes with the territory if you're going to retaliate.. especially if you've stepped in it before knowing for sure if you're the one being pointed at...

    I'd say an honest and heart felt apology is in order, Ehhh?


    btw, I was playing nice uba egar320... thanks for your concern... I think you saw this coming...
  16. Fazed

    Fazed Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    If you weren't referring to me, then I apologize. I have taken a lot of flak both on here and elsewhere for my video.

    FWIW, I'm not a professional anything... Just a guy who likes to vape, and tinker.

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  17. donnah

    donnah Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I appreciate a good honest review. I too have been playing with my LT and the voltmeter and have found that the voltage varies quite a bit, even with a 3.0 carto, the LT won't let me go over 4.5. But then again I'm not too thrilled with this particular carto. I just can't get a boge to wick like a smoktech does. So I agree it doesn't do what Volcano claims it will do. And I find as the battery goes down.. so does the voltage it will let me vape. While I'm not too happy about this.. I still have no problem getting a good vape. Do I regret buying the LT? ummm kinda. I kinda wished I would have saved my money for a provari. But then again I can get the same good vape out of my $35 MV vv box. I would say that having the display and the voltage up/down buttons are neat to play with and worth the extra money.. but with sr and hr cartos this display is all but useless as I never know if what I set it at is what it is underload. Unless you have a voltmeter there's no way to know this. I do have a voltmeter and I do know this.

    But as I said, I do like the LR 1.7 smoktech cartos, I am satisfied using them at no higher than 4.2 and the LT does let me vape that voltage with the LR carto. So while it may not do all that Volcano says it will do.. it does what I need it to do to satisfy my vaping needs.

    So all in all if I had it to do over again... knowing what I know now.. if I were going to get a big tube mod with led display and buttons to click the voltage up and down.. I wish I would have waited and got the other more expensive mod.
  18. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Is that 4.5 under load while it's set at 5.0 volts or you cannot get it to vape the 3.0 ohm if you set it to 5.0 volts?

    3.0 ohm at 5 volts is mostly what I need to do with experiments at higher voltages and a 4.5 atty. ( dont have the 4.5 yet) so this thing will have to at least give me as good a vape as my old goat 5v box mod or my 5v passthrough. I do not know what they are operating at underload but the vape is where i like it, no lower.
  19. donnah

    donnah Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The 3.0 I was using to test the voltage underload is now in the trashcan. I wasn't happy with it.. I was using TV caramel popcorn and it doesn't do well in a carto anyway.. but when I did put it on the voltmeter and attatched the LT.. and set the LT to 5v.. the voltmeter read 4.5. hold on.. let me fill another 3.0 without a tank and I'll see what happens

    Put a fresh batt in the LT.. filled a fresh boge 3.0 (no tank) set LT at 5v.. voltmeter reads 4.9 attatched the 3.0 voltmeter reads 4.8.. while vaping the voltmeter reads 4.9

    turning the LT up to 5.5 voltmeter reads 5.3... while vaping the voltmeter reads 5.3 and 5.4

    turning the LT up to 6v.. voltmeter still reads 5.4 and 5.5 while vaping. This is all with a fresh batt reading 4.1

    Now put a batt in that reads a charge of 3.9 .... set the LT at 5v.. voltmeter reads 4.9 while vaping.

    turning the LT up to 5.5.. voltmeter reads 5.0 and 5.1

    turnign the LT up to 6v (still with the batt charge reading 3.9) voltmeter is reading 5.1

    So those are the readings with my LT and my voltmeter (from madvapes) If you want to vape a 3.0 higher than 5.5v it can be done with a fresh batt. As the batt discharges the voltage allowed is going down.

    So.. whether you like the LT or don't like it, these are the readings I am getting from mine. It's still giving me a nice satisfying vape and beats my eGos no question.

    Now the $35 Madvapes vv boxmod.. (put fresh batts in a couple hours ago)
    setting the box at 5.6 and it reads 5.5 while vaping
    setting the box at 6v and the voltmeter reads 5.9 while vaping. Remember that a little drop of voltage is normal when underload. A couple days ago I kept the voltmeter on the box while using it and the voltage stayed the same till the batts died.

    Those are the numbers folks
  20. John Phoenix

    John Phoenix Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Thank you donnah
    I probably wont be wanting to go above 5.5 with a 3.0 ohm coil, for that i'd use a 4.2 ohm coil, so I may be o.k... don't like the idea that it drops the voltages you can vape at as the battery gets low.. it should only do that as some report when the battery is just about to die and need to be recharged. To me, that Is Not regulated as advertised. Again, some people have the voltage drop problem it seems and others do not. I hope I'm a lucky one.

    I wish someone made a tube type VV that took perhaps two batteries and was made/regulated like our box mods.. a non boost type. (I don't know the terminology) I may get the Madvapes VV box mod for a backup - I like the idea that it does not have the limitations of the LavaTube or the Provari but will handle anything from 0 to 7 volts but I really wanted a tube type. ( with a meter Ha Ha.. I want it all)
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