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Can't quite quit analogs

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Feb 26, 2012
    Hey get me calling real cigs analog's lol

    I am struggling to completely quit the real thing even though I am using e cig all day long.

    I still feel the need for analog first thing and then perhaps another one after dinner.

    Does anyone else do this?

    Hi! I'm new as well and I just got back from giving my boyfriend's mom half a carton of cigarettes. I got them out of the house and am going to wash my smoke-smelling stuff tonight (work got in the way or I would have done it sooner). I've been a grouch today, but I don't know if it's because I got the smokes OUT of the house for good or because I'm not drinking soda since I quit that when I quit smoking on Feb. 24. I switched from my all-day vape to my back-up flavor when I got home and I'm feeling a little better. I'm not answering any of your questions, but I know how you feel, I think, and was putting it out there what I was doing to stay smoke-free. If it helps, great, if not, there's tons of support here and I wish you the best of luck!!


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    Mar 5, 2012
      After experimenting for a few weeks and stockpiling supplies, I've been vaping full-time for a grand total of 3.5 days.

      I was (ok, really after only a couple days, guess I have to say still am) an expert, full-fledged smoker. I average one cigarette every 15-20 minutes.

      I can't quit them yet. The past three days, I've averaged 7-10 analogs. That may sound like a failure to many, but I'm really thrilled with it.

      I'm on 24mg juice. After reading for weeks on ECF, I jumped in to vaping with a Lavatube and a Provari.

      To me, the biggest hurdle is finding consistency in cartos. I've been through 15-20 Boge cartos, and NONE have acted the same. Very frustrating. My first round of clearomisers are on the way. and maybe those will work out better.

      For the time being, I am actually finding the atty/cartridge combo to be working the best (next to direct dripping).

      Hope I can stick with vaping, and that it will eventually replace analogs for me forever. But honestly, just talking about it now is making me crave a marlboro light. Been awake for 5 hours now, and I'm about to go light my 3rd of the day.

      Best of luck to you, me, and everyone else trying to beat smoking!
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