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House of Hybrids featuring the Zenesis PV

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Mar 3, 2012
Tacoma Washington
    Evening everyone, just a quick hi today, typing hurts atm after mashing my hand between steel sheets, nothing too serious but just bruising an a hairline fracture luckily.

    Oh man. I've been out of commission from life because I'm sick. D: I've had a 104 degree fever and 101 even with copious amounts of NSAIDs. Hopefully everyone's doing well and not catching a cold/flu!! Still sick so I'm gonna go get more rest. Be healthy everyone! :]

    Take care of yourselves, looks like we have a few Zenfidels down this weekend. I think Karla was sick too. :( Rest up, and hope all are feeling better soon!


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    Jun 9, 2010
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
      Just patience, sobero4,

      You have the mindset, the device will follow. Oh, isn't it fun to be a part of all this? Aren't you glad to be here with all these wonderful people?

      I know I am....

      I am glad to be here!! I feel a genuine presence of camaraderie around here. It seems to be contagious:thumbs:


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      Nov 2, 2011
      Los Angeles, CA
        Day 2, kneeling in front of the Zenesis Temple, the weather is fine, a squirrel stole my break bread.
        Hello again, wish everyone a nice day/night.



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        Feb 26, 2012
        Eldersburg Maryland USA
          my wife dropped my standard while on vacation needless to say it broke. Any news on when tanks will be available. I modified a juice bottle and bigger o rings and am vaping now. Took half a day and driving all over panama city. Found a cool vape shop there, smokin vapor. They really didn't know much about genesis attys. They flipped out when they saw my zenisis. They thought i was using 12volts or something. I make things work every day on my job i wasn't about to lose a whole day without my zen working.

          and your still married ?!?!?! :d
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