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MV Laser Pointer

Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by kemuri, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. kemuri

    kemuri Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 26, 2009
    out of town
    Ya know, some guys named Hoog are simply too generous.

    Opened up my package of MV order which arrived fast as usual and of course notice that MV has thrown in some freebie 470 ohm resistors. But then I see what looks like a pen and sunofagun it's a laser pointer which I've never owned, being a Luddite.


    Takes 2 AAA cells and you insert the batteries with the positives towards the end of the pen, away from the laser top. It's a nice strong red light, might even be powerful enough to zap and atomize keeters when they come out in force in a few months. :p

    The body feels workmanlike and is not flimsy at all and seems to be value priced at $4.95. The button switch feels solid and make a reassuring clicky sound. The end screw cap is knurled (or gnurled as they say on the web) which is nice.

    The top of the pen can also be screwed off but it's securely tight. I had to use a needle nose vice grip after first wrapping the shiny top to protect it. Once the top is off (and you can see pix on the madvapes site in the laser pointer section),you'll notice what looks enticingly like an 801 battery connector.

    How could I resist but see if my penstyle atty might screw in? Well it almost fits but the thread is finer on the laser pointer. Various atty and battery thread sizes can be found here at ecf somewhere and at the other site (nudge nudge wink wink) for those with tap & die sets in the right size.

    In passing, I'll mention the Top Vapor Cherry Blossom which I was curious about and ordered a 0mg for the hell of it. Tried it on a penstyle, 401 and 510 since none are brand new but figured I could get a very rough average by doing three. Cherry Blossom seems to be a warm, sweetish flavor. For reference, it's closer to JC's Summer Peach than to cherry variants or apples or lemon vapes. It's definitely not a tobacco-y liquid and is not a cola type of vape. For me, it would be a comforting vape on a cold night.

    This got way too long, so I'll stop. We should all hope that Hoog gets really filthy rich so that he encloses a deed to a NC townhouse as a freebie for his loyal customers just for kicks.
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