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    Not sure if these are 12 separate limericks or 1 big ode:

    There once was a man named Steve,
    Poor vapes were his pet peeve.
    He sent Leaford to China,
    to make things much fine-a,
    now our vaping woes are relieved.

    9 years ago there was a building that fell.
    I awoke in a hospital; Swell
    12 surgeries later,
    I look like a tater,
    but vaping makes life less hell!

    I know this cannuck named Born,
    the internet was his bullhorn.
    his soapbox was vaping,
    and less misery making,
    but his vaping pork made me throw up a little this morn.

    Val was a gal from Mass,
    a mod collection she did amass.
    something about lemonade and her mouth,
    and all of our thoughts head south,
    That's not what she said, dumbass.

    I talked with my friend, Doshma,
    we spoke of vapong dogma.
    He said nothing was true,
    'cept that the sky was blue,
    and that USPS tracking was just bla bla bla.

    Have you met my friend Adrennalynn,
    Math and Science she was a peddlin'
    She was smarter than most,
    you could tell with each post,
    that her mind was not just middlin.

    3 packs a day I once smoked
    While I hacked, coughed and choked
    Then I found V4L
    now my health is just swell
    but my wallet is always broke'd


    If you know JDVorr
    you always want more.
    His vids made by Ollee,
    To me are really Holy.
    But JD is such a vaping ......

    Oh Where, oh where is PawPaw
    His wise cracks made me guffaw
    He gave good advice
    which is always nice
    Oh Where, oh where is PawPaw

    Dracsis was an artist
    and probably one of the smartest
    his drawing are cool
    but kids stay in school
    'cause graphic arts jobs are the hardest.

    I go by the handle loner
    I'm not much of a ..... and moaner
    Thanks to all those above
    I feel so much Love
    that my heart now flows over


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Marietta, GA
      Before smoke for death
      Found laughter, joy, love, a son
      Now vapor 4 life

      Wowboy, Carmel, Clove
      Bring self-chosen ecstasy
      Because it’s your life

      Any old man surfed to Vapor4life
      Looking for French vanilla ice
      He found Chocolate Peppermint
      Cinnamon Roll and Green Parliament
      And declared: Woyboy’s worth any price!


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      Aug 7, 2010
      new york
        Pinky and the Brain
        They're Pinky and the Brain
        Yes, Pinky and the Brain
        One is a genius, the other's insane
        They're laboratory mice
        Their genes have been spliced
        They're dinky
        They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
        Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

        Before each night is done
        Their plan will be unfurled
        By the dawning of the sun
        They'll take over the world

        They're Pinky and the Brain
        Yes, Pinky and the Brain
        Their twilight campaign
        Is easy to explain
        To prove their mousey worth
        They'll overthrow the Earth
        They're dinky.
        They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
        Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, NARF!


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        Jan 7, 2010
        In front of this screen
          I was a smoker for many a year, refusing to quit, I took a deft ear.
          Plus I saw those who did just guzzled the beer.
          But then to my wondering internet fear I found a site that brought me hear.
          The words were all Greek but I listened and learned and now I am in the vaping world.
          Many a onlooker has ask me what vaping is when they see my twinkling bright light, I then just give them the site that made me so bright and say no "I don't have a light".



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          Jun 18, 2010
          Florida, US
            I hope the winner does understand
            that while winning is grand
            the spoils must go forth
            be it to someone west east south or north

            Idea from the group Pay It Forward
            their motto more should aspire toward
            the hope and cheer that giving inspires
            brings more joy than acquiring selfish desires

            Our government has gone astray
            attempted murder by the FDA
            why they're banning health anyone can guess
            They're killing more than terrorists watched by DHS

            welp there's my 3 :)
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