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Aug 5, 2010
St. Rose, LA
    In the original Haiku thread started by LilMew, I posted a haiku mourning the out-of-stock-ness of Egg Nog cartos in 36mg. This started a goofy conversation in haiku between born and me. I originally wanted to post our conversation as a compilation and enter the contest together with it, but he informed me that he was former V4L staff and couldn't enter.
    So, I've decided that as long as it's ok, I'll enter my parts of the conversation with his shown in parentheses for relevance.

    Oh, Egg Nog sample,
    I was reluctant to try,
    Farewell, surprise fave.

    I will miss you much,
    Spicy vanilla vapor,
    I might buy the juice.

    (What is this egg nog?
    I think you are very brave.
    Mark send her it all.)

    Egg Nog is too good.
    Like spicy French vanilla?
    Then, take a risk, born.

    By the way, dear born,
    Forum veteran who brings,
    So many teh lulz...

    I've wanted to ask:
    About your small avatar,
    What the hell is it?

    (my avatar is
    gourmet poutine is so good
    it will fill you up)

    Thank you very much.
    I now have some peace of mind.
    I'll try it some day.


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    Aug 27, 2009
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      This isn't really a haiku or limerick, but it kind of wrote itself lol

      (To the tune of Heartbreak Hotel)

      Well since I tossed the cigs out,
      I found a new place to hang
      Its on the E cig Forum,
      with the Vapor 4 Life gang.

      I've been so happy baby,
      I been so happy... you are why!

      Steve, Mark, Born and Leaford
      and all their helpful friends
      Keep us all in blissful vapes
      The fun just never ends.

      I've been so happy baby,
      I've been so happy... you are why.

      My good friends on the board here,
      They always hassle me
      I think that they are jealous
      cause an ecig vet I be.

      That's why I'm so happy baby,
      So dog gone happy - you are why.


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      Jul 28, 2010
      Boise, Idaho
        :banana::banana: :toast: :banana::banana:

        They hailed from Wilmette Illinois
        With products you will really enjoy
        They have the best flavor
        Which makes clouds of vapor
        I am hoping I win some Wowboy

        Have you heard of the new Wow flavor
        It’s great taste is something to savor
        It will make you say Wow
        Just hit Place Order Now
        And do yourself this vaping favor

        Around here we call him Smilin Steve
        Smoking cigarettes was his pet peeve
        He said “Aw What the Hell”
        Then started V4L
        My orders I can’t wait to receive

        Wow flavors arrive
        Bringing a smile to my face
        Thanks Vapor for Life

        Excitement today
        No more cigarettes for me
        My kit has arrived

        Announcement today
        New juices are on the way
        American made

        Haiku 5-7-5
        Limerick 9-9-6-6-9
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        Aug 7, 2010
        new york

          :I lie in here, beside the whitewashed wall,
          My hair is gone, my head is bald,
          The room is sterile and it's very cold,
          Wish you were here, Dad, I need someone to hold.

          I can't breathe, I'm on a machine,
          It goes whirr and click, it's such a din,
          I've got lung cancer, it's all black inside,
          When Mom says smoking causes cancer, Dad, I think she lied.

          I never lit up, even when you did,
          I just sat next to you, a small little kid,
          You huffed and puffed through your life, Dad,
          And Mom always looked so very sad.

          My friends asked me to smoke, but I never did,
          Because Mom told me from young: smoking is stupid,
          It soots up your lungs and blackens your teeth,
          So when I see a smoker, Dad, I anger and seethe.

          You smoked two packs a day but you're still healthy and strong,
          I hate smokers, Dad, but I never thought you wrong,
          I love you, Dad, I always sat next to you,
          And I know that you always loved me too.

          The room here is cold, I see you through the glass,
          And I think back to long ago, Dad, of times past,
          Of the memories, I recall as much as I can,
          There's always been a cigarette, Dad, stuck inside your hand.

          I remember the fun things, Dad, all the times we had,
          But as I look at you from here, you look so very sad,
          You're not smoking, Dad, no cigarette I can see on you,
          Maybe it's just the hospital, and this is the ICU.

          My breathing becomes labored, I don't think I'll live,
          Well, I tried my best, I gave all I had to give,
          But one thing, Dad, I cannot comprehend,
          I'm not a smoker, so why is my life about to end?
          VAPOR 4 LIFE


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          Aug 7, 2010
          new york

            The fact that we have the ability to choose
            To circumvent the owners that must face to lose
            Their customer base that chooses to toke
            The rights of citizens that politicians revoke

            Our new president is a smoker indeed
            So how do we vapers follow that creed?
            Make our voice to be heard
            With every single vaper's word

            Establishment owners have been hurt
            The need is to have politicians convert
            To a situation where there is a choice
            Lets rally together and have a voice

            It must be one’s choice
            Unfortunately we have no voice


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            Jun 6, 2010
            Dirty Jerz
              ok... so here is one on a lighter note...

              Hubby says I no longer stink
              The marriage might last I think!
              There’s been more lovin,
              Please no bun in the oven
              Now that my face is pink.. :blush: I may need a drink!

              Bwahahaha! I love this one!:D

              I wish there was a smiley for spitting your drink out because my Diet Mt Dew is all over the place now!
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