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Youde Goblin Mini

Discussion in 'RTA' started by Spectrum156, Jul 4, 2015.

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  1. Spectrum156

    Spectrum156 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2014
    Los Angeles
    So far, so good!
    Love the size, capacity, and innovative air flow control.
    Build deck is very similar to the original Goblin, however, the juice channels are much shorter in length.
    Wicking has to be just right or it will definitely leak through the air cutouts on the bottom (and onto/into your device).
    My only gripe so far is the non-510 mouth piece.
    All in all, pretty incredible when matched up with a smaller device. Very pocket friendly and discreet!

    Machining: 8/10
    Air Flow and Adjustability: 9/10
    Flavor: 9/10
    Aesthetics: 9/10
    Price: 10/10

    *On a VS DNA40 with an 8 wrap, 26 gauge, dual Kanthal build. Resistance: .49
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  2. KentA

    KentA Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 5, 2015
    Adirondack Mountains
    Interesting. Very, very interesting.
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  3. mc8

    mc8 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 9, 2009
    There is always something that intrigues me with UD, but always too many downsides for my taste as well, Really sad cause i love the size and the looks, but just cant get over the bottom (screw?) fill and huge potential for leaking..too bad, maybe next time :(
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  4. Spectrum156

    Spectrum156 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2014
    Los Angeles
    It is really evident that Youde is stepping up with innovation, design, and quality. Bottom-screw filling IS yesterdays news, however, I will say that the vape quality, design, and size really make up for it.. As far as leaking, it definitely has the potential to do so.. And with the airflow slots directly above the 510, it wouldnt be a good thing - especially on a regulated device.
    With that being said, Ive built it once and have not had any leaking issues whatsoever. Perhaps Im just super lucky..
    I will update this thread with any issues that I encounter.
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  5. TheRac25

    TheRac25 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    nothing is perfect so it comes down to do the pros outweigh the cons
    for me the compactness, generous juice channels and single coil option outweigh the bottom filling
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  6. NHXJer

    NHXJer Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 28, 2013
    United States
    I agree with TheRac - the pros outweigh the cons on this tank.
    However, I am still very disappointed in the lack of a top-fill option in the design - UD could have really nailed this thing out of the park but fell a little short, imho.

    Still, the only thing keeping me from htiing the ADD TO CART button is the fact that looking at the history of the vaping industry in general, I'd expect a V2 to hit the shelf in no time - hopefully with the top-fill that UD promised all along.
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  7. Mr.Bungle

    Mr.Bungle Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 12, 2013
    Somerset, NJ
    I missed out on getting multiples of the erlkonigin mini when they were available from FT, and I'd kill for a decent tank in the same form factor. I was hoping this was that tank. But the bottom fill and possibility of leaking are just edging it over the not-buy line.
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  8. tehmidcap

    tehmidcap Super Member Verified Member

    Mar 13, 2015
    I'm kind of mad at Youde.

    I literally read at least 3 responses to Facebook comments in which they said that this product was TOP FILL. They said "top filling" just like that, no misinterpretation or language issues -- They straight up lied to their customers in order to get some more initial sales.

    I have two coming from GB, but I plan to sell them when I get them. Sorry but 3ml is not enough to get me through the day and I'm not carrying a screwdriver and a bottle of liquid with me when I'm on the go -- What is this 2012?

    I'm sure it vapes nice, and I wish the Zephyrus deck airflow looked like that (one long slot that's raised/lipped), but I only recently started to get some faith in Youde and their lying about this product will certainly make me feel less guilty the next time I go to buy a clone of one of their products.

    Still excited for the Goliath V2, and wish it would've came out before the Goblin Mini.
  9. Kyi

    Kyi Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    I feel the same way... they DID blatantly lie about the top fill thing which annoys me. The top fill would have made it perfect.. but nevertheless, I did order one of these tanks. Personally, as a fairly light vaper, the 3ml is fine and I don't mind refilling often since I'm home a lot and near all my stuffs. I do wish it was tool less though.. maybe some kind of built in door that can slide off or some kind of attached plug.. I don't know, but the main annoyance with that is requiring a screwdriver. I do love my old Kayfuns and still use them daily, so I hope this is a step up from it but will be familiar to me.
  10. tehmidcap

    tehmidcap Super Member Verified Member

    Mar 13, 2015
    I still use my Silverplay on occasion, and it's bottom screw filling. But I only use it at night when I'm home... And only because I like the nice, warm vape that it provides that other RTAs come close to but just aren't quite the same. But I absolutely hate filling it because my hands love to drop tiny things like screws, it takes longer, and it almost always requires a paper towel or something as it is a messy method of refilling.

    They could've easily added a top filling section in the standard drip tip top cap, at least, to provide the option.

    Like NHX said, they'll add a top fill option in the "Goblin Mini Ultra" that'll come out in three months once sales for the Mini have peaked.

    Gotta love this industry...
  11. Unothegreat

    Unothegreat Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 17, 2015
    I'm thinking about picking one up, but mainly to use as a dessert tank or something. I don't think I'd use it for an ADV tank, it's too small for that, at least for me. Especially considering I go through about 15ml a day.
  12. mc8

    mc8 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 9, 2009
    I usually don't have wicking issues, bu if it leaks only once in a houndred, i don't wanna risk my device..too bad, really.

    Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6033X using Tapatalk
  13. KentA

    KentA Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 5, 2015
    Adirondack Mountains
    Well, I just picked one up at the B&M because I had to.
    I appreciate the design & the machining looks to be perfect. The stainless steel is even jeweled inside on the bottom where few will ever notice.
    Since the clock style airflow valve closes, I hopefully expect there will be no juice leaking while it is dormant.
    Now I just need to clean it, coil it, wick it, fill it, & suck it.
  14. BagrX2

    BagrX2 Senior Member Verified Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Mine has not leaked with the airflow left wide open. It also didn't leak with the airflow wide open sitting on its side in my jeeps seat on my hour long trip home in 100 degree temps. Just be sure to wic it correctly.
  15. Swiss75

    Swiss75 Full Member

    May 19, 2015
    Nor mine....

    It's a fantastic little tank
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  16. ZeroOhm

    ZeroOhm Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 7, 2013
    This little Atty looks nice what's the flavour like and juice consumption like?

    Anyone got any build and wicking pictures they can post!
  17. BagrX2

    BagrX2 Senior Member Verified Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    I find the flavor to be pretty good and it sucks through the juice pretty quick, faster than my drop or my subtank mini.
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  18. petra_

    petra_ Full Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    A few days ago I got hold of the new mini RTA, the YOUDE GOBLIN mini, as one of the 100 reviewers chosen by the company for testing the 2 new RTAs: GOBLIN mini and GOLIATH V2


    The review’s purpose is to isolate the positives and negative and give our feedback. I already emailed my impressions to the company with the suggestions for making the mini better.

    This RTA is a tiny piece of vape art for its category (dual coil/single coil, subohm, big air holes) It’s dimensions are 28.6 mm height excluding the 1 cm drip tip and the 510 and it’s a 22 mm diameter atty. It’s capacity reaches 3ml due to its small deck.



    A jewel box with silver letters and a scratch & check sticker includes:

    The Goblin mini

    A spare pyrex tank

    A spare pyrex drip tip

    A spare juice screw

    A spare coil screw

    Spare orings for the tank and other parts (6)

    A single coil adapter

    510 drip tip adapter




    As it’s Goblins little brother, its philosophy is well known and can be found also at other Youde’s model. The pyrex tanks and the orings are the same as Goliath’s V2. But Goblin’s unique characteristic is its air feeding system. Youde may patent this system.

    The atty is made by 304 stainless steel and pyrex glass. Both the tank and the drip will be sold separately as spare parts in 4 colors.

    The metallic base has 4 screws for dual coil setup. The outer ones are positioned below, the inner ones are positioned higher. Each coil is attached to the left outer screw and the right inner screw.


    For a single coil setup we put the single coil adapter in the position of the second coil. The silicone of the adapter seals the second coil’s air and juice holes.

    The wire isn’t attached to the screws but positioned at the hole below the screws. Using a Philips screwdriver the screws secure the wire, even if it’s a thin one (0.20mm diameter)



    Under each coil there is an airhole U shaped, 9.22 mm when fully open. The air feeding system is as I mentioned unique. At the bottom of the base there are the airholes. Under the atty there is a pendulum air ring. By turning it to the left it minimizes the air. By turning right it maximizes the air. For lung inhale the air holes must remain 50-100% open. For mouth inhale I suggest 100% closed. Even if fully closed it doesn’t seal the air entrance. On the contrary, the inhale remains more “airy” than a Kayfun’s. Of course there is no need to unscrew the atty to regulate the air. There is an extension that can be reached with our nail at the lower side of the GM


    4 holes at the base take care of the juice feeding. Each is 4mm diameter. There are 2 for each coil.

    When setting the atty, take care not to put the coil too high or too low or very close to the metallic parts. This way the coils have a satisfactory air feeding and doesn’t make contact with the base or the cap.

    The cotton coil now: There are canals leading to the juice holes. Like erlkonigin’s. During my first setup I put cotton to the canals and covered also the holes with it. The cotton was visible after I put the cup. I had a marvelous vape. I continued to have a marvelous vape when I detached the second coil and replaced it with the single coil adapter.


    But when I changed the single coil with another one, I tasted burn!!! I stopped taste burn when I cut the cotton coil short and left free the juice holes and part of the canal – like I setup my erl.

    Vaping remained fabulous since then.

    The tank is assembled with orings. There is one oring at the base, one at the atty’s cap with the attached chimney. The chimney screws to the base cape securing the whole atty and the orings seal the tank.

    The juice fill is a headache. Bottom fill like a kayfun but with a lively screw that can be easily dropped and a flat screw, when the coil screws are Philips.


    Finally, the atty has its own drip tip with a wide inner diameter but also a 510 drip adapter for using a narrower drip when vaping with a single coil.


    It’s a dual purpose atty. 65% a lung inhale dual coil subohm multi wattage atty, 35% a mouth inhale single coil low ohm lower wattage atty.

    With big juice and air holes and a wide drip tip it can certainly show it’s subohm character. It’s a cloud chaser atty, but not a contest cloud chaser. 25watts with a 0.7 ohm 0.2mm based dual coil for me. For a thicker wire user 40watt can be used. But don’t overdo it with the coil. The GM’s base is narrow, a wide coil cannot be used.


    The securing of the wire is very practical, especially for thick wires. No need to attach the wire to the screw. Just position it inside the hole under the screw. Much more easier to handle than a delta 2 with a same philosophy system.

    With my setup ( 6X2mm with a 0.2mm wire dual coil) I had throat hit, clouds and fine taste at 17-18 watts. Even at 15W the atty works good. The wire is positioned near the screws, so the final ohms will be a bit lower than usual.

    But as a traditional vaper who doesn’t especially appreciates lung inhale or dual coils or high wattage I quickly changed to a single coil mouth inhale setup.


    1.5 omh, closed air holes, my 510 drip tip, the single coil adapter and voila the second face of the goblin mini.. This is an atty that simulates a mouth inhale atty. A very good vaping but too airy inhales still. And wattage good at 10W, better between 12-13


    Overall good taste and throat hit, mini clouds but airy anyway.

    Not leakage anyway.


    A beauty.


    Pyrex tank and drip. Thick pyrex

    Taste, clouds, throat hit above average

    Double personality. Can function with both single and dual coils, low and high vattage, sub and low omh.

    Reasonable juice consumption

    Regulated air

    No leakage

    Excelent juice capacity

    Spare tank and drip tip for free

    Small size comparing to other RTAs, especially subohm ones.

    Color tanks/drips available

    Very practical coil securing build, especially for thick wires.

    Smart single coil adapter



    The construction quality is a step below the European standards. Comparing the GM with the German/Russian kayfun, the Austrian erl and the Greek Eviva I am very careful how I use it. Its screws seem fragile next to the above mentioned RTAs. The air hole handle also looks fragile. Take care not to damage it, it lost its align once. Not to be unfair, their prices are not comparable, overall, even if the mini won’t last long comparing to them, its annual usage cost will remain the same because it’s much more affordable.

    Its base is narrow. This improves its capacity but makes it more difficult to work conveniently. Needs a good eye (or glasses) and a woman’s hand. Very manly fingers will probably face a degree of difficulty.

    Please take care when disassembling the GM. It unscrews from the top but it’s the base that falls apart from the tank first. When wet with glycerine it may easily fell and break. Remember that the tank is glass.

    Also take care with the fill screw. It’s small, slides like it were alive and can be lost. It’s flat head needs a different screwdriver than the screw inside.

    SS 304 instead of 316, but not required something more from an affordable atty.

    If you are not a lung inhale vaper, you’ll notice that GM isn’t a native mouth inhale atty. Even with a different drip and the airholes closed it remains a little bit more “airy” than needed.



    Vapers with a taste for small RTAs and aesthetic ones.

    Ladies vapers

    Lung inhalers who also vape with mouth inhale

    Mouth inhalers who need a lung inhale atty but without the big size.

    Vapers who like “airy” inhale


    Finally, I enjoy this smaller than smaller RTA. I hope I’ll vape with it for a long time. I’ll even be tempted to subohm vape more than occasionally. Thanks to YOUDE. 100 review samples show a serious business.

    The Goblin mini page at Youde is

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  19. Mrmik

    Mrmik Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nice review @petra_
    I am on day 3 of this one with my Ijust 2 battery. Bought it mainly because of the size and I wanted something for out and about use.
    Wish it was top filling and that the glass tank was secure with the top. If there is a problem and you need to redo the coil(s) or wicks, the juice would be spilled all over you. I have not encountered the need to disassemble it when it had juice still in tank but when it happens, I will try to put a masking tape around the top and glass tank.
    The AFC is very innovative and I like it very much as it enables the tank to be so short. BUT, it also speels for disaster in case you did not wick properly and the leak will come out onto battery connector. Make sure you wick properly.
    In overall, I am happy with this RTA.
    Looks like at present time, this one is the king of the shortys.
  20. petra_

    petra_ Full Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    well, since subohming is the new vape fashion, GM is definately the best short atty. But if you don't much appreciate lung inhales, there are definately much better mouth inhale shorties. And of course, you'll find them at Europe. I very much liked the GM, but my Greek Eviva, my german/russian KL+ with the greek Tiny Tank and my Austrian erlprinz nano remain my favorites and not bigger than GM. Glad you liked the review!
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