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  1. imeothanasis

    imeothanasis Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    An idea of the iatty:)

    Wick was bought from here:


    no resistance wire was bought from here:

    http://www.wires.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh00...6&PN=ni_bare.html#aNI0236_2d050#aNI0236_2d050 50g 0.236mm Nickel Wire

    heating wire was bought from here:

    http://www.wires.co.uk/acatalog/nc_bare.html 50g 0.16mm Nickel Chrome Wire
    or if you want thinner wire you can buy 0,122mm ir 0,132mm

    After too many experiments, the best vaping experience with Iatty is with a 1,5 ohm resistance to my opinion. The wick inside Iatty is fat so it can easily handle the liquid demand. And there is also the liquid control that can allow us to use different liquids (thin or fat) and to feed more or less the Iatty. You can still put a thinner wire (0.13 for example) to have more smoke or to be able to put bigger resistance (e.g. 2ohms)
    For 6 volts I recommend 3ohm resistance

    refillings methods if you have a burn taste:
    open close the cap 4-5 times
    open the liquid control more for a continous better taste or close it according to the needs of the liquid you use
    Only on GGTS, close the CR and take 3-4 long inhales without pushing the button

    I desided to send 2 different o-rings for the ceramic of the Iatty. You put the very small one first on ceramic and then the bigger one. I did this to make it easier to fit them inside ceramic.

    If you overflood the Iatty just blow from its bottom and the liquid will come out of the mouthpiece. To avoid the overflooding push very good the wick inside slots of the upper plastic

    put all the resistance inside the ceramic otherwise you may damage the plastic under the ceramic

    Make very tight threads and close each other

    Buy 0,13mm wire for even better results
  2. Rick.45cal

    Rick.45cal Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    That's awesome Imeo!!!
  3. stv888

    stv888 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Looks good!
  4. imeothanasis

    imeothanasis Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thanks Ric and stv. I have vape many atties and none of them produces so much smoke like this one. After the improvements that I want to make it will vape even better, trust me guys.:)
  5. AldoApache

    AldoApache Senior Member ECF Veteran

    gimme gimme !! ;)
    good looking project mate! keep up, good luck!
  6. Zoranth

    Zoranth Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Very Interesting Imeo.... Looking forward to see how you progress with this.

    CHUCKLEHEAD Ultra Member ECF Veteran

  8. ken729

    ken729 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Neato! Keep the inventions comin Imeo!
  9. RippleInStillWater

    RippleInStillWater Supplier's Manufacturer - Offline ECF Veteran

    Hmmm, I figured at that resistance the 6V would be better and it looked it from the clouds at least!:laugh: Is this the AVS that you were making for the GGTB or a disposable item -- I, as always, am a little confused :confused:, it sure looks like a durable item!:thumbs: Great stuff as always, Imeo, and I never get tired of seeing your 'studio', my friend, it makes you that much more human to me..........:)
  10. zuTma

    zuTma Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    will it fit in ufs? :lol: just kidding
    are you planing to make reusable atty for avs/ufs?
  11. shamreez

    shamreez Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    my question too imeo..

    Would you be making one for UFS
  12. UKtarget

    UKtarget Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thats looks good plus it can be used on other mods which can only be a good thing.
    Is the atty going to be user replaceable like the Bulli A2 or will it take CE2's like the map tanks (im hoping for a replaceable unit as i don't get along with CE2's that good).
  13. imeothanasis

    imeothanasis Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    thanks a lot aldo, Zor, chuck and ken:)

    Yes ripple, its the "avs" for GGTB and all mods too

    I dont like simple atties for dripping Zu. I had made a thin iatty if you remember on my previous video but I desided to make this one for now. Simpler to use it:)

    Yes UK, it has a replaceable rope-wire and in an easy way. You dont need tools to prepare or replace those items, only by hand
  14. JollyRogers

    JollyRogers Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    So this is a tank feed, user replaceable coil/wick system. Interesting. I have a couple of rebuildable atomizers, and though I like them, the flavor is different then say from a 510 or 901. So how IS the flavor on the Iatty?

    Would love to see it integrated with the GGTS somehow. I hate having to buy atomizers.
  15. muddstar

    muddstar Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I would love to see it on one of my GG's
  16. UKtarget

    UKtarget Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thats great i was going to get a Bulli but i'll hold on for this now, so if you need a road tester ;)
  17. imeothanasis

    imeothanasis Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    You can buy it UK to compare it with iatty. I dont think that they are comparable to anything but you can try both to see the difference.
  18. RippleInStillWater

    RippleInStillWater Supplier's Manufacturer - Offline ECF Veteran

    Personally, from my experience, I'll just wait for yours, Imeo!!!:thumbs:
  19. imeothanasis

    imeothanasis Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    I think you do well ripple.

    Ok, another video about iatty. I made the nessesary internal adjustments. I dont know if I will change something to its external look but its almost finished

  20. UKtarget

    UKtarget Super Member ECF Veteran

    Im with ripple on this one im sick of buying stuff that just doesn't work i always go back to my (your)Babies :) and now im getting some great juice they're even better and i eventually got a UFS from a guy on UKvapers at a sensible price with a steel mouth piece and o ring kit im a lot happier

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