How old are you and how long did you smoke

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Nov 26, 2011
des moines IA
    11.5 years
    Always had two to three different kinds of cigarettes in my pockets when I smoked. A menthol, A tabacco, and a flavored cig (like sweet dreams) until my children where born than smoked a generic brand since. Started vaping I guess according to this site longer than what I thought I did, close to year and a half ago on v2's (which are horrible by the way) moved to ego, still smoked however, would find myself out of nic juice diluting down the rest waiting for my order to come in giving up on occasions and going a week sometimes going back to ecigs. As of Jan.28 I have had absolutely no cigarettes (unless you can count the have to have a drag to compare moments to tabacco flavored juices)
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    Jan 31, 2013
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      55 years old and been smoking for 40 years. I tried to quit a couple time. Made it a month one time.... I am now smoke free for about 4 months! This has been a good ride for me. I think i am done with cigs... Next it will be kicking the vape thing. Problem is that i keep buying and trying new stuff. It is still fun.
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