Ikenvape - Remembering the Legend

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Aug 1, 2010
    Hi folks. In case you haven’t heard, another one of the great original innovators in our industry, Ikenvape, has closed their doors for the last time. :(

    We (@Katdarling, myself and a few others) thought it would be a great tribute to him and his contributions to our industry and our lives, to start this thread for all friends, “family”, and any and all to pay tribute and remember one of the great vendors of our industry. And we’ll throw in a lot of friendly chit chat and fun along the way!

    Many nowadays may not remember the awesome cartomizers and ("old style" :)) drippers that Isaac designed and developed. (But I KNOW there are 100s, if not 1,000s that were affected not only by his devices, but also his kindness and willingness to go way above and beyond to help those in need.)

    HE is one of the key people that made this vaping thing work for many of us and probably saved countless lives! (Definitely mine! He kept sending me cartos until we found what worked (Fusion!). And he never gave up trying to get me to get the good ‘ol Io6 to work for me. But, I just couldn’t make it happen. Lol!)

    Please join us with your memories of how he helped, was there when in need, always went to extremes to help… and just general chit chat among friends and fun!!!

    We love you Isaac and Val!!! You will always be in our hearts and prayers. (And we hope you pop in here and join the fun as well!!! :D) !!

    This thread will hopefully be a continuation of this great thread of the Ikenvape family, friends and anybody else that wanted to join in. ALL are welcome and urged to join the fun. There are some GREAT people in this group!

    Ikenvapers Chat (the door is open for EVERYBODY! Come on in.)


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    May 30, 2011
      The IKV LR 510 Cannon.


      Awesome atomizer, combining a short body 801 with 510 threading.


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      Nov 2, 2009
        After everything Issac and Val have been through, and recovered from, it kills me to hear this! Issac is one of THE BEST! Had many a chat with him trying to innovate, learn, and help each other out. He's been a great friend to have.
        This is truly a sad day, one of the great innovators, and he's left some mighty big shoes to fill.


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        Dec 17, 2011
          Thank you, @pizza2me and @Katdarling for getting this thread off the ground. At this moment my head is flooding with thoughts and memories, and thankful for the absolutely wonderful friends that I made through my IKENVAPE experience.

          My only hope is that this thread goes on, and all of the people from the original thread join in, and that we make it a happy place to come and kivitch.

          Here's to Isaac & Val - two of the most marvelous people I've had the pleasure of meeting in this great, big Vapin' world. Our hearts are with you, and the memories will always remain.


          Return, I shall. And you can "kount" on it.


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        • Jan 22, 2012
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            I'm still here on ECF... sort of. ;)
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            Jan 25, 2011
              I think there are plenty who cared, and whose vape lives were changed enormously by the value, input, teaching, innovation, and love provided by IKV.

              I can't go on right now, but in time, I know that many, many stories will emerge...

              As far as ordering? That I do not know. Sorry, smacs.
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