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Joyetech Cuboid / Cubis 1st impressions

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Gfdeputy2, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    Well I was going to hold off for a a few days of testing before writing this review but as I did spend a couple days testing the Cuboid for my local B&M I thought I needed to get a review out there.
    so here is the preliminary Review
    unboxed the Cuboid /Cubis
    & as usual great packaging from Joyetech
    includes everything needed but batteries & E-liquid
    the Cuboid I received is the Grey Version
    the Cubis in black
    1st I will start with the Cuboid
    first thought sleek looking. It has an elegant but tough look to it
    finish on the grey seems durable. I took a flat head screwdriver to the bottom & had to use some force to scratch the coating
    display is a good size & bright
    spring loaded 510 (have to mention but is becoming the norm) tight up/down & no wobble
    buttons are nice no rattle not loose & has a click to them
    the feel in the hand also very nice. It is a heavy mod for a duel 1860's mine weighed in at just over 207g or roughly 7.3oz without batteries or tank
    dimensions I measured 3.6" or 91.44mm X 1.630" or 41.402 wide X 1.105" or 28.067 thick very nice size for a duel 18650 mod
    the Cuboid just feels rugged & well built
    the menus is typical Joyetech no big changes with the addition of TCR which I will not get into today & fast scrolling through wattage & Temp
    Firmware upgrades is a PLUS installed the upgrade this morning & was very fast & easy
    has onboard charging which I only use in an emergency
    so 1st impressions
    Pros: feel, finish, size, firmware upgrades, TCR, Onboard charging, fast scrolling & as always ease of use

    Cons really not much here I will say the battery door I am not sure of yet. If there are not batteries installed the door is tricky to open but works great if the batteries are installed & you are replacing them. (Make sure latch clicks & is all the way forward or batteries could fall out only happened once to me) the battery door has some wiggle to it & will see in the future if this is a weak point.
    This may also not be a con but have to mention it is real heavy at first & takes some time getting used to it especially if you have been using a lighter mod like the eVic VTC, Vapresso target ect.... it does feel better the more I use it & is Not really a con for me now but some may think it is

    Lettering is almost the same color as the Mod. I would like to see more of a contrast more for you Joyetech so everyone knows who made it & what model it is (I will note this is a sample mod & looks to be different for production!)

    preliminary conclusion
    I would not be surprised to see this in the running for Mod of the year so far everything seems to be flawless in operation
    Great Job with this one Joyetech
    Now On to the Cubis
    I will start off by saying I have had great luck with Joyetech Mods but am NOT a fan of Joyetech tanks
    so here it goes
    first thought looks pretty bland. looks like a basic tank (no Wow factor)
    it does come with 3 coils & 2 drip tips
    measurements are 1.570" or 39.878mm tall (Not including drip tip or 510 pin) .872" or 22.148mm in diameter
    I am currently using the .5 coil for this as I am a Direct Lung Vapor
    the design is impressive
    had a very quick break in (less then one tank )
    Airflow is nice but is backwards for us in the US as to the left wold be normally closed
    But I see why Joyetech did this as when you screw the top back on the airflow will be completely open & not closed (well Done)
    replacing coils is very easy
    Cup design brilliant
    I have gone through 6 tanks so far & the flavor is amazing
    so 1st impressions
    Pros: design (ground breaking) can't say enough about it. Just plain great design
    Flavor: Ranks right up there & maybe better then the Uwell crown
    ease of coil replacement
    ease of filling

    Cons: looks again text is black on a black tank hard to see fill line & name (Again this is a sample mod & appears to be different for production!)
    looks are basic (but not a bad thing but could turn people away that are not fans of Joyetech tanks)
    liquid capacity should be at least a 4-5 Ml tank (constant refilling)
    Airflow (Not really a big con) I would like more adjustment on the open end. it is great for a mouth to lung vapor but is a little tight for the direct lung vapor

    preliminary conclusion
    this is the best tank Joyetech has produced in my opinion
    though should note this is a flavor chaser not a cloud chasing tank (which I am all about)

    My recommendations for a version 2
    make it a larger capacity
    More airflow adjustment then this could be both a cloud & flavor chasing tank
    Make one of the drip tips a bigger bore. I changed it out for one of my bigger bore drip tips & flavor improved also the airflow seemed a little better
    make the glass cups removable
    All & All a Nice tank
    would I recommend these products So far
    Cuboid: YES Highly to an intermediate - advanced vapor not really a beginner
    Cubis: YES more to a mouth to lung then a Direct lung vapor & to a Flavor Chaser not a Cloud Chaser
    This review was my fair & honest opinions & hope it helps you make a decision whether to buy or not
    I will be updating this review as time goes by
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  2. FranC

    FranC TWR Co-Moderator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 1, 2010
    New Hampshire
    Nice review,Chris:)
  3. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

  4. Devilon

    Devilon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 5, 2013
    United Kingdom
    Excellent full detailed review :) Thanks :)

    I have the silver one in the basket at FT but the grey one you have looks a lot lighter grey than the pictures I've seen on FT.
    I think I just might buy a grey one instead as I like the look of that one even better. :)
  5. pwheeler

    pwheeler Just Vaping Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 14, 2013
    Weimar, TX
    The mod looks good, Chris. As for the tank, probably not my cup of tea as I am a direct lung hitter plus with flavor. I have a couple of tanks that set the bar so high, I can't imagine anything better. Nice review!
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  6. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    Thank You just an FYI I believe they changed the grey not sure if mine is the original or the new version
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  7. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    I am too reason I love the Crowns & this is a tight draw compared to the crown. If they could open the airflow more it would be a really nice MTL tank
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  8. Devilon

    Devilon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 5, 2013
    United Kingdom
    Where did you purchase the cuboid from?
    FT may have just the first lot of these in stock, if that's the case I just might hold on for a bit. :)
  9. pwheeler

    pwheeler Just Vaping Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 14, 2013
    Weimar, TX
    You really ought to try out the MutationX MT, or the Mutank, or the Ohmega Alpha. Those tanks even put my drippers to shame.

    Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
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  10. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    I received this Direct from Joyetech but the one I originally tested (Cuboid) was from my local B&M which he has in stock but his grey is darker also I will contact Joyetech to see which is the new version
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  11. Devilon

    Devilon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 5, 2013
    United Kingdom
    Thanks again, I keep my fingers crossed then :D
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  12. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    may take a day or two for them to reply but looking at their website it looks as the light grey is the new one.
  13. Devilon

    Devilon Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 5, 2013
    United Kingdom
    I've just had a look at Joyetech's site and here what they say about the grey version.

    Due to the success of Cuboid and by its popular demand, we will be refining the color grey to fit more of the ultramodern design.

    So it does seem that you lucky enough to get hold of the latest model, while many other vendors have still got the older darker grey models in stock.
  14. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    That seems to happen when the newest product comes out not only does everyone want to be the first to say they own one but dealers want to be the first to say they have them sometimes it is best to wait!
  15. Justin White

    Justin White New Member

    Nov 18, 2015
    I've been less than impressed by the silver finish

    Mine has gotten tarnished in less than a week!

    It even has fingerprints that can't be removed, so I can't speak for the other colours but the silver is rubbish IMHO. The plating is so thin you can see right through it with a torch!! Also worth noting: Some reviewers are saying the finish is stainless on the silver, It really isn't, it's plated zinc alloy (apparently). Also the button rattles like crazy. I'd love to get my hands on a grey version to see if the finish is any better, but there's no way I'm throwing money at it!

    As far as function goes, it's absolutely brilliant, which is a crying shame considering the above.

    Posted full writeup on Joyetech's forum with pics
    (insert http:// in front of the bitly)
  16. bread_baby

    bread_baby Full Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    can someone help me or otherwise point me to the right forum:
    Which is better, the target kit or the evic vtc mini cubis? I like the positive talk about the ceramic coils but the mod itself seems lacking from what I read.
    Also about the evic cubis, it seems to support more different coils compared to for instance evic tron. What coils would you recommend for best taste.
  17. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    @bread_baby what is it that the Target is lacking?
    I have had both of these setups
  18. bread_baby

    bread_baby Full Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    software bug when battery is low. I wonder if it has less functionality. Is the navigation easier? Is the build quality different? display? Are there things the target has which the evic doesnt, aside from the ceramic coils?
  19. Gfdeputy2

    Gfdeputy2 Account closed on request

    Ok May be wrong but I believe that was the first batch & believe that is fixed
    have had zero issues with mine. My honest opinion both are nice mods but I would lean towards the eVic VTC but I would look for a different tank
    i will start with the mod
    eVic VTC does not feel as good in the hand as the target but you get more functions with the VTC
    & the VTC is firmware upgradable but I hear there is a target version 2 coming out sometime
    I have had a few Joyetech products I have had very little issues with their mods but not a fan of their tanks. The Cubis is the best tank to date by them it is top fill but not a great quality tank. The vaporesso is a decent tank but is bottom fill. I am assuming by looking at these tanks you are a MTL vapor I would look at a better tank something that takes Aspire Atlantis / Triton coils then you could use the Vaporesso target Ccell coils
  20. bread_baby

    bread_baby Full Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    Thank you I will look into possibly making a frankenstein with a vtc mod, target coils, Aspire atlantis coil compatible tank. hehe.

    wish the target 2 would come out already. They have a giveaway contest for the target 1 on their facebook btw.
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