Prof Reviews the Super T Precise Workhorse Telescopic

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Mar 29, 2009
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    Did I need this?

    Probably not, but the idea of a robust made "ELA-alike" at HALF the price of the ELA stimulated my "of course you want it - you NEED it" centre and I succumbed...

    In rapid turn, the mod appeared from Cloud 9, wrapped in blue tissue and contained in one of Super T's "velvet" pouches. I got a chocolate toffee too :)

    The Super T Precise Workhorse Telescopic

    The "blurb for this device says:


    All mechanical stainless steel construction
    24mm diameter
    Palladium plated Contacts
    Positive locking mechanism will not loosen or back-off
    Super T's solid tube locking mechanism eliminates ALL wobble and looseness between sections
    Two section non-threaded design eliminates an extra set of electrical junctions. Fewer electrical junctions = less electrical resistance and more power to the atomiser and more consistent atomiser firing
    Shielded/Recessed engraved bottom button (NOT locking)
    Ventilated through slots integrated into the button
    Compatible with the Evolv Kick with IMR 18350 or IMR 18500 batteries

    Hybrid Adjustable Center Post

    Super T took the ultra-reliable, no leak design of their Precise press-in centre post and made it adjustable. This innovative Hybrid design does just that. It's unique in that, unlike full-floating/self-adjusting designs, no matter how tight you compress down the sections and center post onto the battery, none of that force will transfer up through the center post to your atomiser which can cause atomiser shorts.
    The atomiser positively seats on the top cap with no play or wobble and the user can adjust the post height and force applied to the atomiser center pin. No more shorting atomisers.

    Switch/Top Cap

    All brass electrical contacts with precious metal palladium, giving you the best of all worlds Super conductive brass, with the application of precious metal for a tarnish-free electrical connection.
    Ultra-Reliable Precise dual grounding recessed button design (NOT locking)
    Adjustable throw
    510 threaded, works with most standard 510 cartomisers, atomisers, Tanks and Rebuildables.

    Precision-manufactured in the USA, as with all Super T mods, the Workhorse Telescopic features a lifetime warranty on body and switch components.

    Well, it looks like this:


    Its nice and short in 18350 mode (ie fully collapsed) - shorter that the ELA - here is a comparison (my ELA has a flat Satburn switch fitted):


    Here are pictures of each end:



    Loosening the locking ring allows the telescoping portion to be removed:



    The top cap can be unscrewed from the telescoping tube to allow easy access to the adjustable atomiser connector:


    The locking ring can be unscrewed from the main body for (eg) cleaning (I recommend these and the similar ring in the ELA are given a burst in an ultrasonic every six months or so - it prevents slippage):


    In action

    Here it is with my Tugboat v2 with an 18350 battery (The Tugboat has a stupidly long 510 connector and the Workhorse's adjustable connector can even provide a flush fit for this):


    Here - with the same battery - is my Doge (you can see the device is less telescoped as the Doge has a shorter 510 connector):


    And lastly, the Tugboat with a "big green 18650 Sony":



    It works splendidly, vapes as one would expect and feels both well engineered and truly "brick". At half the price of the ELA, one wonders how many people will now buy an ELA? The Workhorse is not as "wonderful" as the ELA, but it's NOT only "half as wonderful" :) - it is, IMNVHO, cracking value for money.

    For those interested, my review of my Mk1 ELA is still available on here:

    Precise ELA by Super T (Long!)
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