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Jan 23, 2011
I have a question..I have been thinking about getting a bottom feed, but now I have a good excuse to do so (I think) because I got 2 tr14500 900 mah batteries and a charger in my 'vapor deal' bag. I'm assuming I could use those, right? And also if I'm correct most don't come with batteries? If I'm correct so far, can someone point me in the direction of a bottom feed that might suit my needs?
1. I have small hands and have had surgery on my wrists so my grip strength sucks, I can hold a mod just fine but am concerned about the constant squeezing to get juice out, so looking for something that is either easy to squeeze or has some other method to feed juice (are there gravity feed mods?)

2. I would like to get something that is not high maintenance, I don't want to have to debridge atty's because I am not even sure what that means let alone how to do it., and I would like something that doesn't leak. I would want something that is 510 threaded since I have a number of 510 LR atty's

3. I don't really care if it's pretty, doesn't have to be wood or metal, plastic would be just fine.

Any suggestions?


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Nov 23, 2010
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I just looked and I don't see any available to order.

I just looked too and it looks like they are out of stock.
Brian's Mods will have some in stock this week.
Send him an email or post that you want one on his thread, and he will reserve one for you.
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