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Deciding between IPV2, IPV3, Sigelei 100watt, cloupor T8, or doubtfully a DNA30 device

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by Fictitious Character, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. sahsah

    sahsah Super Member ECF Veteran

    By too much, do you mean power ( BC you can always turn it down all the way to 7 watts lol which I dunno if you can really even Vape at practically lol) or like size, or asthetics, or what? I just think the versatility is a treat.
  2. suspectK

    suspectK Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2013
    Alabummer 1/8"airholes won't work too well with 7 Watts..:)

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  3. Trexwyo

    Trexwyo Full Member

    Jul 19, 2014
    I'd like to offer this. Advertisements for these devices often contain false claims. To understand a devices true capability you need to study device specifications and fully understand Ohms law and Watts law before you buy any VV, VW device. One thing that is often misunderstood about VV and VW devices is their voltage and amperage limitations. Every DC to DC converter (VV or VW Chip) device has a Maximum Voltage limit and a Maximum Current limit for the convertor chip. For instance, I'm quite familiar with the Cloupor T5 and it's specifications. The operating resistance range of the Cloupor T5 is less than the Cloupor advertisement claims if you want to have the capability to adjust wattage all the way up to a TRUE 50 watts being delivered to your coils. Why? The T5 DC/DC converter chip has a maximum voltage output of 9.3 volts and a maximum current output of 10 amps. The ROM software of the device prevents exceeding these two maximums. But Cloupor also says the T5 is good from 0.2 ohms and up 3.6 ohms and it can operate at these resistances. This statement is only true in meaning it will work without giving a check atomizer error on the screen. What it cannot do is deliver a full 50 watts at .2 ohms or deliver a full 50 watts at 3.6 ohms without exceeding either the 10amp power limit or the 9.3v Voltage limit of the T5. With a coil of 0.2 ohms and at the 10 amp limit, voltage applied is 2 volts for a maximum of 20 watts. If the device tried to increase the voltage above 2 volts you'd exceed the 10 amp limit and the ROM software doesn't allow it . It cannot exceed the voltage without causing a failure of the DC/DC chip. At the other end of the scale a maximum of 9.3 volts driving a 3.6 ohm coil will deliver a maximum wattage of 24 watts. It should be capable of delivering a full advertized 50 watts if your coil resistance is above .5 ohms and below 1.73 ohms if you ignore any safety factor. Quite a bit narrower operating range than what they advertise isn't it?. The T6 and the T8 also have their limitations too and can be calculated from the specifications. Regardless of the advertizing claims, the T5, T6 and or the T8 cannot deliver its full advertised power at the upper and lower advertised coil resistances either. I've seen similar false statements made on advertisements from other venders also. False advertising? Perhaps? In reality as long as you maintain your builds more towards the center of the resistance ranges it should be able to deliver the maximum advertized wattage output for the device. The display screen showing 50 watts on the LCD with a 0.2 ohm coil(s) or 50 watts on the LCD with 3.6 ohm coil(s) is a lie. In reality at these two extremes, on the T5 you are actually vaping at 20 watts or 24 watts regardless what is displayed on the LCD. In summary you can get bigger clouds and a hotter vape with a 0.6 ohm build on a Cloupor T5 set at 50 watts than you can get with a 0.2 ohm build at a 50 watt setting on the T5. In the T5 the maximum wattage is 20 watts even though it shows 50 watts on the LCD display with a 0.2 ohm coil. The reason T6 and T8 owners are not getting full advertized output is probably due to the same reasoning and the same false advertising claims.
  4. Panix187

    Panix187 Full Member

    ^----- This is the reason I've been hesitant about pulling the trigger on a Cloupor T8, Siegeli 100w, or 180 God mod.

    My hana clone will go up to 8.3v but it maxes out at 30w. My Gi2 clone may do 100w but only fires up to 5.5v. I built a dual parallel coil that was 0.4ohm earlier and tried firing it on my DNA clone but at 30w, it only does 3.7v. I go to my Gi2 clone, set it to 5.5v and it hits 40-50w.

    I really want a device that'll work at higher voltages so I can do a range of coils on the same device. I can do my ~.2 coils or my ~1ohm coils. The chip on the Gi2 is kinda wonky and resistance like to dance around sometimes. I've seen .5 coils show up from .4 to 1.0. Dunno if it making bad connection or what. I'd like something more reliable and flexible.
  5. Kent Tan

    Kent Tan Full Member

    Nov 29, 2014
    KL, Malaysia
    Listening to this, was wandering the max 5.5V on a Gi2 is it a huge drawback? so far i saw someone firing 100 watt on youtube with 5.5V with a 0,3 ohm.
  6. drgt

    drgt Full Member

    Nov 19, 2014
    At Fictitious Character
    Did you ever decide?
    I am now in your "then" shoes and I am puzzled too.
    Till now I have been using a 3-6V 4 amp max and min R 1.4Ohm
    It will not run i.e. an Aspire Atlantis, so I started to explore new solutions.

    I came across these issues:

    1. Most of these do not tell you up front that the wattage they claim can ONLY be applied to a part of the supported resistance range (Sigelei 100 to 0.15-0.6Ohm)

    2. In 2 in series battery mods must (From
    - use a matched manufacturer pair from new (*)
    - use and charge as a pair (*)
    - alternate the order in the mod
    (*) Not sure what it means.

    3. Not sure if they have a watt mode AND a voltage mode.
  7. Brandon David

    Brandon David Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    A sigelei only allows adjusting watts and auto adjusts volts accordingly (you don't need to adjust both). It will fire the Atlantis fine

    The asterisks are referring to high drain imr 18650 batteries bought to pair with the mod. Use them, charge them, then put the batteries in different slots in the mod than the last time (if you had "battery a" in the first slot and "b" in the second slot, switch slots next time). Rotate them everytime.

    If you want an Atlantis, buy it & the mod of your choice and set things up to around 30-35 watts and let it boogy then adjust wattage accordingly.


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  8. Trexwyo

    Trexwyo Full Member

    Jul 19, 2014
    If the DC-DC converter chip can handle and deliver 18.3 amps of power at 5.5 volts on a .3 ohm build then yes it could fire at 100.8 watts at 5.5 volts

    Using the above take 5.5 volts squared and divide by 0.3 ohms and you would get 100.8 watts.
    5.5 X 5.5 = 30.25
    30.25 / 0.3 = 100.83 watts.
  9. Fictitious Character

    Fictitious Character Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 24, 2014
    Sorry drgt I just saw this. Yes I bought the ipv3. I did the pre-order thing and went through some irritation as p4y changed some stuff after they had my money such as the removing the possibly dangerous charging cord along with the removal of the touch sensor internals.

    If you are deciding between the Sig or the ipv3 either way you go you will get a similar box. Sigelei and Pioneer 4 You are sister companies and therefore have a pretty similar qualities. Going by the date of your post I imagine you figured this stuff out or made a decision by now lol .

    The max wattage used is going to be dependent upon the resistance of the coil.

    The #2 portion is speaking of the batts saying to use a new pair, use that same pair by marrying the batts to each other and for that device, rotate the batteries as you put them into the device.

    #3 No they do not have a vv mode. They will show the voltage being supplied but the ipv3 and the Sig are vw devices.

    If you see this let us know which direction you went.
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