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How do you like your 601?

Discussion in 'DSE 601 *Pipe*' started by asidrave, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790

    Me 2 Burnie...I just wish 4 a bit more FLAVOR. I have named mine and I now call it "DARTH VAPOR".:evil:

    It's a far cry from my old Dr. Grabow pipe filled with Borkum Riff Cherry Cavendish...but then again it won't give me lung cancer either.

  2. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790
    R U kidding? I've wrenched cars, trucks, tractor trailers, trains, boats, yachts, motorcycles, and some heavy equipment. Believe me when I say I really do KNOW what anti-freeze vapor smells and tastes like (just like a stronger version of my DSE601)!
  3. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790
    My first battery is FINALLY going low and I got some nice tasty French Vanilla flavor! I was RIGHT! The atomization/vaporization is TOO INTENSE in the DSE601 ATTY. IF it ran at a slightly LOWER VOLTAGE, there would be MORE FLAVOR!!!!!! What we need is a LOWER VOLTAGE BATTERY with a respectable current (mAh) rating!!!!!!

    TRY THIS >>>>>> WAIT for a battery to get LOW then let the pipe just SIT there for at least 10 minutes. Fill a BLANK cart with a very defined and STRONG flavor of juice that you like. Take a couple of very short drags with just enough draw to activate the ATTY. Now take a few long hits/drags with just enough draw to keep the ATTY ignited. Please tell me if you get more flavor.
  4. skenagle

    skenagle Full Member

    May 21, 2009
    I came home yesterday and picked up my 601 for a nice evening puff... and The LED was blinking over and over again. So I thought it was maybe a dead battery. (not sure how it died at the time)
    Then I went to put in a new Batt and fill up my cart and I noticed my cart was stuck inside. I pulled it out and It was melted.. Completely melted!
    It was warped like a banana and all the fibers at the contact point were charred.

    I then put in a new cart as a test... completely confused... and the pipe goes into immediate self cleaning mode.. It wont stop..
    Once i slide that metal bridge doo hickey over any battery... it just goes into instant fry mode!

    I lost my pipe and Im very very bummed.

    What the heck happened?
    No one was home all day long when it sat there.
  5. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790
    Sorry to hear that

    I can only assume that one of 2 things occured

    Either the air sensor/switch simply failed and got stuck closed


    The thing developed a severe case of vapor lock, which made the switch remain closed

    Hope it's still under warranty!!

    YOU SHOULD TRY FILLING the ATTY cylinder with Hydrogen Peroxide...then dump it back out. Now insert the battery and try to fry all the gunk OFF the ATTY. It might just revive it.
  6. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790
    My new DSE601 is getting to the point where my draw is just as hard with the JEWEL CAP REMOVED as it USED TO BE with the JEWEL CAP FULLY TIGHTENED! It's actually WORK to hit off this thing with the jewel cap screwed on at this point. I HOPE the draw does not get any harder than this!

    Also, I wish I'd done MORE RESEARCH before buying this DSE601. It is almost guaranteed to have a relatively LIMITED ATTY LIFE, yet my warranty with LitCigUSA is only 14 days. I am destined to have this thing working for a very limited time with no chance of replacement. As much as I like Shawn at LiteCig, I should have probably WAITED for one from EastMall for the far better warranty. I like to support my localized businessmen, but geez....only 14 days when others are offering 3-6 months for about the same price??? What logical reasoning is there for this HUGE difference (reduction) in warranty?

    I checked out the RS-888 and noticed it has an EASILY REPLACEABLE ATTY and the pipe is much cheaper. Lot of guys are getting good performance out of the RS-888. I'm SERIOUSLY considering one at this point, because when my DSE601 dies (and it WILL before very long) I will be VERY BUMMED OUT!!!

    I just have to figure out WHO in the states has replacement ATTYS, carts & batts for the RS-888...then make a decision whether to buy one or not.
  7. Carlos49

    Carlos49 Moved On

    I love my 601 I only have a few issues with it but overall cannot complain. It's a fog machine and great battery life. I would recomend it to anyone. I have had mine for about 2 - 3 month and the atty still working good as ever.
  8. sandy

    sandy Full Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 17, 2009
    I didn't want to start a new DSE601 thread but perhaps its worth it? Do you all have the "old" attys or the "modified" ones in your 601's. Meanwhile I have 4 DS601 and the latest I received is one whith the "peaked" athomizers. I was told by the supplier, that he was astonished when he realized that the new lot of 601's have these attys.
  9. breakfastchef

    breakfastchef Moved On

    Feb 12, 2009
    The more folks that buy a DSE601, the more we will find the high and low points of the model. Atomizers seem to do fine for two motnths and then the vapor production starts to fall off if you are a heavy vaper (like me). I anticipated longer atty life initially, but realize they are the same basic design as the ones in all other atomizers. The atty is just a disposable item. Glad to hear that Carols has one going strong after three months.

    I buy from ruyandirect (Heaven Gifts) and have a one year warranty on my atomizers. I have returned one, so far, and will be sending back another atomizer in August for warranty replacement die to decreased vapor production. I have found no other supplier that will offer the one year warranty, and replacement is pretty simple.

    Doc, don't know why your draw is tightening up. You could try draining the pipe overnight and see if that helps. You could have a faulty or gummed up switch, though I have not had that problem. Also, try a manual cleaning by shorting the two contact points on top of the battery chamber. It is explained in the manual.
  10. C6Silver

    C6Silver Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    Mine is from Heaven Gifts as well, but people should keep in mind that the 1 year warranty is only valid if the pipe is used with their e-liquids. Other sites might offer a shorter warranty, but I don't think it is contigent upon using their e-liquid. I don't know how HG figures out whether you used their juice or not, but that is their policy.
  11. breakfastchef

    breakfastchef Moved On

    Feb 12, 2009
    I do not know the answer, but do always order a couple of bottles of liquid when I purchase a spare DSE601 atomizer.
  12. The Doc

    The Doc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2009
    Torrington, CT 06790
    I bought a DSE601 with only 14 days warranty, because I like Shawn at LiteCig USA. That may not have been good enough reason to buy a $72 pipe with such a short warranty!

    Believe me, I'm seriously considering one or two of the RS-888 Lady Pipe / Mini Pipe. You can REPLACE THE ATTY. It also works with various carts & attys from many manufacturers. Battery sources are few, but that is still a damn good level of versatility. I'm already having issues with my DSE601 and I've not had it 4 very long. Only thing that SUCKS about the RS-888 is you can only get it from China, which could be a long wait to get it (it may even get held up in customs 4 all I know). If anyone does still offer it here in the states, the warranty period is probably not for very long. Most U.S. dealers who WERE stocking it have dropped it like a hot potato and I really have to wonder why. There has to be a good reason 4 that.
  13. Toxic

    Toxic Full Member

    Jul 14, 2009
    Sweden , Sandviken
    I love mine alot and vapor is SUPER . And shawn for all service I get from him.. Thanks for a good Pipe.
  14. Agent309

    Agent309 Full Member

    Sep 30, 2009
    Wow. What quick shipping. Left Shanghai on oct 11, got to my house on oct 15th (midwest USA). UPS has a hard time doing that for local deliveries!

    Anyway, opened it up, checked, both batteries were fully charged. Popped in a cart, and BAM! first puff, awesome vapor. no warmup puff or anything.

    It did taste funny for about the first 2 hours. I've heard that in other reviews. I dont know if I like the maple flavor of the included carts. I added about 20 drops of some cherry to it, and after about another 2 hours, started to taste a little bit of the cherry.

    This thing gives off some good nicotine though. I was just puffing and blowing out, and the vapor was going up to the right, and my right side of my face started to tingle, where the vapor was brushing my skin. I had to turn on the over head fan, because the vapor lingers so long around my head in a room with no air flow.

    I can not say how awesome this is. If the atomizer last at least 60 days on average, that means you can use this for about $1 per day ($40 replacement + shipping) for the hardware plus your juice.

    Simply awesome.:p
  15. tinstar15

    tinstar15 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 29, 2009
    Lakeland, FL
    I got mine about a week ago and have been using it pretty much as a primary. This thing is soooo slick.

    That factory juice though.......yuck!! Tasted nasty to me. Is it supposed to be maple? Tasted like stale dust.

    I washed out the three carts and filled one with TW 18mg coffee, one with 18mg menthol, and one with 18mg tobacco. Taste seems to be on par with my mini, not weak or light. The menthol (ya I know, menthol don't belong in a pipe) is my current fave.

    Batteries and carts seem to last real long time to me. Both lasted three days of frequent use.

    Used my wifes label maker sticker printer to mark the gold bullet cases with what they're loaded with.

    Only downsides (nothing's perfect) I can see is that the carts are messy to change out and it certainly ain't compact. I'm gonna hit the local tobacco shops to look for carry cases and maybe a little compact folding pipe stand. The factory box is really nice looking but not practical for carrying.

    Its gonna look cool with my Sherlock Holmes costume for Halloween.:)
  16. jboze

    jboze Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2009
    Orange County, CA
    Got mine a few days ago. Also using it as my only device now. Carts and batts last a long time. Produces much thicker vapor than even my 510 at 6v. Also can use carts and hit as long and often as I want without having to worry about burning the cart filler or e-liquid. Absolutely love it so far.

    Did notice one oddity though on the first day of use. I woke up in the middle of the night to make a trip to the bathroom and noticed the light flashing like the battery was dead. Was scared that the switch had gotten stuck and fried my atty and cart but it was just fine. For some reason the battery ran out prematurely though.

    Batteries have acted normally since, but I always take them out at night now and let the atty drain any excess juice over night by placing the pipe bowl upside down in a cup. Don't want to take any chances.
  17. Lightgeoduck

    Lightgeoduck Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 7, 2009
    jp(APO)Camp Z us
    I guess I am always a day behind hehe... I was thinking about getting one of these when I get back to Japan... I only have one concern and that is the atty.the bowl is the atty/batty holder,right? does one atty perform longer than ecig atties? BUT onething for sure the vape production and liquid capacity definately gives me wood hehe... it's just the atty life that scares me...even accidently killing it.. would add cost to buying an extra atty.
  18. MHR7331

    MHR7331 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 14, 2009

    Wow. So you prefer it to your Silver Bullet?
  19. jboze

    jboze Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2009
    Orange County, CA
    Still using the 601 mostly. Tried out the SB for the first time in almost a week when I read about the spring mod for 510 carts. A few puffs at 6v reminded me of the heat and flavor I've been missing out on. Gotta say I like the tobacco flavors on the 510 SB and more exotic and strong flavors on the pipe though. It tends to really mellow them out, but in a good way. RY4 and Champagne are current faves on the pipe.

    Haven't had any troubles with the pipe yet. Still producing clouds of vapor and I haven't had to use the cleaning feature yet at all. Did switch over to dripping on it mostly since the carts aren't wicking quite as well as I would like. Same problem with all e-cigs really. Gonna try a straw mod or something to see if I can get it wicking better.
  20. Neon

    Neon Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 8, 2009
    Hey everyone,

    I`ve had my 601 for one week now, and my first impression was flawed by the horrible taste that came out of this thing for the first two days of moderate use. It really did taste like crap. After 4 days of vaping it, it really came to life and that horrible flavor started to go away. I vape 18mg DK-TAB in it and it goes so well with the overall experience that vaping the 601 is. Ad mentioned by others, its a much different experience than vaping my 510. You really have to get into the pipe mindset to get the most out of this device. It performs best when used like a pipe, so puff, puff, than an inhale to lungs if desired. Yes, the flavor is much weaker than a standard PV, but the lingering haze of vapor, and thick clouds offset this in my opinion. The build is better than expected and the weight of the 601 is very nice. The carts are very messy to refill, and yes, the polyfill is annoying for the most part, but it seems to work better in the 601 than any other device. I have tried dripping with it, PTB for the cart mod, and a mix of VG with said juice, and I ended up going right back to the polyfill. It seems that the PTB method COULD be used here, but with the angle of the cart on the atty, it risks flooding it, which already happens too easily. I have also tried the blue foam method, but stopped due to the size and the sharpness of the bridge (just too big). Overall, I would recommend the 601 to those interested, Its a great PV, and the 601 emulates the whole pipe smoking experience entirely. Great build, decent flavor, great look and weight.

    Hope this helps.

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