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how long to quit analogs

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We're all different so please don't compare yourself! I smoked up to 3 packs a day for many years, did manage to get it down to 1 1/2 pks for about 10 yrs and then...........

I never intended to 'quit' smoking, but did want to slow down, so I can't explain how I've not smoked another cig from my 1st drag on a k808. Mind you, I have 1 1/2 cartons in my closet since March 10, 2010.

You will soon have your own story :) to share and it will be unique to you. ALL THE BEST to You!
I don't love vaping like most here. I loved smoking. I am on a low dose of wellbutrin along with vaping only when the cravings are really bad (after meals mostly) haven't had a cig for 11 days everyone is different. like my doctor said whatever works
You're so right. Over these past months, I've watched many people get frustrated thinking they've not done as well as others. Some smokers I've known over the years quit cold turkey or used other methods and didn't understand why I could not do the same. This works for me and many, many others........but not all and not all immediately.


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Dec 15, 2009
    I have two stories for you, one from Jan 2010 and another from Jan 2011.

    Jan 2010, got a M401 manual from an outlet in China. Got myself some 54mg juice, used VG and PG to get it down to around 12mg. Smoked, vaped, smoked and vaped some more, tried apple and coconut, tried some "cowboy". I liked the idea of vaping, nothing put me off but my mixture did not qute do it for me. Eventually just stopped vaping carried on smoking.

    Jan 2011, got an intellicig, so basically a M401 automatic. Got some of their 24mg ecopure regular. First day I got it I was vaping and smoking, second day I smoked mostly. Third day, I ran out of tobacco at 8pm, was going to buy some more but decided to see if I could go the evening without a real cig. Managed it really easy on the E-cig, so next day I thought I would see how long I could go. It was easy, it was just a case of choosing to vape instead of smoke. Had no cravings to smoke at all. After a week I diluted with VG to 18mg, and started to experient a little with flavours again. No problems at all although my batteries did not last as long on 18mg so I guess I am vaping slightly more. Now it is 13 days without a smoke. I used to smoke a lot, tobacco hand rolled, one after the other sometimes, sometimes I could go a few hours without, but never for very long. I guess I used about 75g of tobacco a week.

    So, maybe try running out of smokes at 8pm one evening like I did. I felt that if I just used my E-cig for that everyday it would improve my health and help me sleep healthier. Stick to a flavour that is well liked, look for reviews that claim it is an "everday and all day vape flavour", consider buying it pre made, the less messing about the better at first. I would also say that you should try to keep at a high strength for the first week, that does not mean you have to vape 24mg. It just means that you may find the transistion easier if you vape at the top end of your tollerance for that first 7 days. You can start to reduce it and lower the price of the juice as time goes on. Also, try something with a long lasting battery, or get a usb passthrough.

    Your goal for those first 7 days is not to reduce costs. Your goal is to make the move from smoking as effortless as possible, so pre-made, long lasting, passthroughs, automatics and whatever else you can think of. Sure none of the alternatives to these take much effort at all, but take advantage of the easier alternatives, at least for now. Do not worry about buying the wrong thing, there is a ton of adapters and tips and tricks out there to rescue any initial mistakes.

    Good luck.


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    Jan 25, 2011
      I just started vaping yesterday, my problem is I keep buying a pack of analogs "just in case" well....that's dumb, cause I keep smoking the analogs, so today I'm not buying any. Plus I was using the med. and I don't think I was getting enough nicotine, so I'm switching to the full and see how it goes, only problem the full makes me cough, but I saw a post yesterday the you have to puff the e-cigs different, like kinda french inhale, that seems to be helping


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      Nov 22, 2010
      the icy northlands
        I've been almost analog-free for a week now. Got my eGo in early December last year, used it kinda half-assed for a while and finally decided to make it happen last week. It's been going good...found some good juice, got into a vaping groove and actually find I quite enjoy it. I broke down a bought a pack of smokes on Monday...tasted like hell but I still liked it is some sick way. I smoked for 15 years, about 1 - 1.5 PAD, I think it's more the psychological part of wanting a cigarette. That being said, I'm at about 7 cigs in as many days...I used to do that in a morning.

        Here's the thing, though...I've got it in my head that I really don't want to smoke any more. I feel confident, finally, that I really can have just a normal smoke here and there and not go back to doing it full-time. Why? Because, now that it's not an all the time thing for me anymore, I realize it really aint that great. Vaping is better, more convenient, more fun, healthier...whatever. So to answer your question, it'll take as long as it takes for you to quit. Maybe you'll never quit for good, but it's that fundamental attitude change regarding vaping vs. smoking that may just save your life...


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        Dec 29, 2010
        Guthrie, OK
          Wife and I quit the first day also. Order a TON of flavors, and 60mg/ml nic to mix our own at the start. Mixed it down to 36mg/ml and tried a lot of different ratios of PG to VG till we settled on something we both liked. If you mix your own, you can tailor your whole vaping experience, as long as your PV isnt crap. We actually made ourself sick the first day experimenting so much, but sure as hell didnt want an analog, haha.

          Its almost a gaurantee to every smoker out there: If you can find the right PV + the right mix + the right atomizer/cartomizer you can insta quit analogs. You can make that vapor hit exactly the way you want too, but everyone is different, you have to experiment. Either order from supplier after supplier, or skip the mailman humping and make your own till you find what you LOVE.
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