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Jan 7, 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Fixing to order. Whats some pro's cons in comparing the Protege and the Prodigy V2 ?

    Are both in stock to ship today ?

    Is overnight available ?


    I have both, I use my Protege for more stealthy adventures, usually with a cartomizer... I use my V2 when I care less about subtlety. V2 also vapes in/around/near 5v so you get bigger plumey billows of awesome vapor.

    I realize you are probably asking Steve.. but my opinion is awesome.

    If you want to vape 5v then get the V2, its pretty much my go to PV as far as my PS products go.


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      Thanks Wafflestomper. I am just looking for something to tide me over until my Chuck get's here. I had said in another thread I was going to hold your bunny hostage until Jeff sends mine but I don't think you saw it lol.

      Thanks for the input. I had the V2 in my cart ready to order while I was still reading and saw a lot of feedback on both the switch and people blowing atty's so I held off until I got a response in this thread. Have you had any of these issues ?


      Edit: I have 510, 901, 808 cartos, and HV 510's. Which do you all recommend using. So far I like my 510 atty's the best but I don't want to be popping them as I have read and I'm afraid that a HV 510 would defeat the purpose of the 5 volt vaping.


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      Jan 24, 2010
      New Jersey - Passaic County
        I'm extremely interested in purchasing a V2 ( might do so today ) but I'm curious if 2-3 weeks til shipped is typical or not. Or could it even wind up being possibly longer. If its not always listed as 2-3 weeks i'm thinking no need to rush an order. A little on the fence atm w/ my decision.
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        Nov 7, 2009
          Ugh.. I knew I forgot to ask something......

          This batch of V2 is w/ or w/o the switch fixed?
          Just need to know what to expect when it arrives.

          Read its under a Life Time Warranty which is wicked btw. :)
          Also hearing its an easy fix.

          Not sure what kind of switch is being sent with this batch though....But i am assuming that it would be with the newer switch,But this is just an assumption by me, and i can not speak for Steve, so please do not quote me on this....On the other hand the Life time warranty on the switch is 100% correct...
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