Tc Rayon wicking method!!!!

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Jun 10, 2014
    Ok so nickel builds with rayon can be a little triky due to the softness of your coil. So I got to thinking instead of your rayon "shrinking" as you break it in, why not shrink it with a low temp dry fire?
    First time I tried it i used a nice amount of rayon maybe a tiny bit more then usual, enouph where it wouldn't fit rite through. So i fire at 280degrees and the rayon shrunk! Lol perfectly strait fibers that's slide rite through the coil!
    Have to say this wick is noticeably better then the normal shimmy and squeeze method lol. There's more rayon then normal that fit in the coil and it is not stuffed at all. It's quite perfect,thought I should give a thread so people who use rayon can try it.
    It's kinda hard to give more detail, it's very simple just dry fire at low temp and slideeee her in there!!! Works like a charm!
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