The Self Juicing Box way to quit Analogs

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Feb 6, 2010
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That's great, it may just be the last vaping device you will ever need.

Yep I agree 100%. I know some say new people need to got thru the progression of the 510s then the slightly bigger PVs etc. etc. and to tell the truth...thats what did but the new folks to vaping have way more info now than when I started and the real smart one take the leap of faith to a selfjuicer and save much more money in the long run!

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Dec 13, 2010
I started out with the standard 510 cigarette look alike. I hated messing with juices, the forever changing batteries and charging, it was time consuming. Then having to take everything including the kitchen sink with you, wherever you go. I then got an ego kit, and I like my ego for just going out and about for short periods of time. I still absolutely hate messing with the sticky messy juices. Had I known then, what I know now, about how much easier say a Reo is, when I first got into this vaping thing, I would have spent the money on a Reo from the get go. I enjoyed smoking, and now I enjoy vaping. Quitting vaping completely is somewhere in the future. I do already vape zero nic juice most of the time.

However, after saying all that, I do understand what DocWyatt was getting at. The standard 510 or ego are great for when you first start out vaping, and want to eventually quit smoking/nic altogether. A Reo type mod, would be too easy and enjoyable to vape with, and you'd never totally quit nicotine, if that was your ultimate goal to start with. Which is what most of us have in the back of our minds (a little bit, or at least perhaps in the beginning) when we first get into vaping. And that perhaps should be made clear to new members who may want to quit nic and smoking totally, before we suggest things like a Reo type mod. At least I think this is what he was getting at.
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Nov 22, 2010
Latest REO availability update posted yesterday:

I will list more mini mods Friday the 17th 7 pm eastern

Mini woodvils wont be ready this week sorry folks I am running behind. Wayne is out for a week and I had a little accident last week in the shop so I am a little slow.I will post some picks Friday so you can see were I am at .

I should have grands ready for next week. I will update you when I no more

I will list grand and mini doors tonight 7 pm

REO Minis are currently available on the site:
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