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The general dislike of BLU

Discussion in 'Blu Electronic Cigarettes' started by toddbrennan, May 29, 2013.

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  1. rasmith1959

    rasmith1959 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 15, 2013
    Guthrie, OK

    Then the next problem would be finding a juice that tastes just like Blu's. Johnson Creek makes it for Blu, but since it's a proprietary blend they can't sell it, or disclose what the blend consists of.

    I loved the cherry crush flavor but have yet to find a cherry that even comes close to it.

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  2. Bambam2970

    Bambam2970 Full Member

    Jul 6, 2013
    Tuscaloosa, AL USA
    I must say, Thanks to Blu! They too, helped me kick the nasty analog habit. However, I grew tired of the lack of communication when trying to order anything from them. Also, as I used their system for about 2 months, I began to notice each new carto would loose flavor after a couple of hours vaping on them and start having a burnt taste. I suppose this could be from my taste buds changing. Nonetheless, I realized it was time to move on to better stuff. I too like so many others discovered Johnson's Creek to be the producer of the ejuice for Blu. As I was hooked on the flavor of the Blu classic tobacco, I found the Johnson's Creek Domestic ejuice to be a close comparison to the Blu. At this point I began ordering their ejuices and swapped to their "Vea" e-cig. More battery life and cartos lasted longer without the burnt taste. And of course, it didn't stop there; Moved on to the ego vv2 and an eVod and began my expansion into to variable voltage world discovering the differences in voltages and change of flavor based on voltages. The saga continues each month, stepping up or discovering other vaping equipment and testing the waters on ejuice flavors, which is still far better than smoking analogs.

    Overall, Blu helped me make changes in my life that I'm thankful for. Thanks Blu!!
  3. Are Jay Maytuh

    Are Jay Maytuh Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I started off with the Blu. But it didn't cut it. I cut back on my smoking a lot but it wasn't enough to make me stop. Then I tried the V2 ecig and the ss No. 7 ecig and I was cig free. After a few months I learned about PVs and now it's been a while since I've had a cig. I don't even want one anymore. I've had a few times when I would be drinking and think I wanted one but I would take 2 drags and be done with it. Ever since I switched to the No. 7 brand I haven't looked back to smoking cigarettes. But after a while I wanted to do something different since I was already refilling cartridges, I figured a PV with a tank was the way for me to go, and I was right.

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  4. MJTP

    MJTP Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 3, 2012
    Blu just need to stop selling faulty products. I bought a disposable once that wouldn't even turn on. My recent kit had a battery that barely sensed inhales. Bought a pack of carts that all were dry and tasted burnt; one that refused to allow air through until I basically heaved and huffed. Even the charger pack I got is assembled badly and the e-cig barely fits in the last slot. It's fraud, what they do. At least have a customer service ready to fix things, or tell stores that they HAVE to allow refunds to sell it.
  5. Angie C

    Angie C Full Member

    Jul 31, 2013
    North Carolina, USA
    Todd, you're a lucky fella with the Blu! Stick with it and enjoy it. There is no reason to get rid of something that is working for you just because you may feel like you HAVE to bump up to something else. That will come in time, maybe. It is just a waste of money to stop using it and buy something else at this point. You have invested a good chunk of change into it. If you like it, use it until it begins to wear out physically or wear out its welcome! As your cartos wear out, which they will long before the batteries do, i am sure you will find a replacement carto that will work with that battery. Be careful, though, about certain larger cartos. I made the mistake of buying Boge 510s assuming they would work with any battery that had the same thread pattern. Boy was I wrong! They need a stronger battery than the typical cig-a-like.

    I tried the disposable Blu at the beginning but absolutely hated the taste. Being a Winston Lights slave for 25 years, it didn't taste anything like the cigs I was used to. I settled for the Finity that is sold at Walgreens pharmacy. Their disposables were very good to me, a real delight to "smoke". I bought the rechargeable pack and some prefilled cartos but found them to not be as good. Wanting to reduce overall expenses over time led me to buy an eGo kit with ce4 clearomizer cartos. That is working very well for me now, with much higher volumes of vapor. But I was not ready for high vapor at the beginning. Stick with it for as long as it works for you!!! Happy vaping and good luck on your journey away from analogs!
  6. TrveKvltKing

    TrveKvltKing Full Member

    Mar 27, 2013
    Puyallup, Washington
    As I sit here contemplating the Blu paradox while listening to Kveldssanger by Ulver, I've found that the Blu product is all good in it's own right. The product is fully justified in being sold where it's sold at. I will never forget the beginning, ever so excited I was to purchase that shiny black and blue kit to get me off cigarettes. It was sleek and sexy, and I was happy with it for a little while. Alas good things never last and I was right back on the cigarettes after a couple of weeks until a B&M opened up not 10 minutes away from my humble home. Where I purchased my first Inferno battery, and so on and so forth thank you Blu for introducing me to vaping, I'm happier now with my life, and my lungs.

    -l- TrveKvltKing -l-
  7. PDADoc

    PDADoc Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    I have been giving this a great deal of thought before I responded. I understand where you're coming from, and I've personally experienced many of the issues that you highlight in your remarks, and I think it all comes down to one thing: this is (AFAIK) the only e-cig brand owned by a big tobacco company, and I think that makes all the difference in the world. I think that since this isn't their primary profit source, they don't put a great deal of effort into quality control or customer service. I think they see that this is an emerging market and they tossed their chips into the game to hedge their bets and scoop up whatever money they can make from it.

    The other manufacturers (again, AFAIK), however, only make their respective brands and tend to be smaller operations, so they're probably more invested in making sure their products are more on point, as not to lose any customers in a competitive market (presumably). In short, to quote Avis: "they try harder"!

    Having said all that, and reading the numerous posts here praising Blu for getting them started (mine included), I've come to feel differently about the issue as a whole. Yes, they were the first brand I started with when I quit, but that does not absolve them of the responsibility of delivering as good a product and as good a customer service experience as possible.

    I hope that someone from Blu will read this and give the matter some thought, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. jimbol

    jimbol Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 19, 2012
    Southern Maryland
    From my perspective Blu may be suffering from their own success. Being, arguably, the most recognizable brand of ecigs the get the most attention good and bad. Since they got bought out last year what I have observed is that the newest starter pack is smaller, cheaper, and seems to be aimed at competing at the retail market. And they don’t sell it online. And they don’t sell their best kit, the Premium 100, in stores. So while they have made some accommodation for the long term customer it isn’t the “vaper” as we understand it here in this forum. Yeah, they belong to BT and they would happily restrict themselves to just Classic Tobacco and Magnificent Menthol flavors; they are first and foremost a company trying for a profit. Beyond that I haven’t seen anything from them since the buyout that I didn’t see before.

    That said, when going to a retail store I have seen Blu racks filled with other brands. I have been to stores where their (and other) product are stuffed in a corner. The counter help knows almost nothing about the product. So many of the cartridge duds and bad equipment are problems coming from indifferent retail stores. What I haven’t seen is Blu cigs side by side with the parent company’s tobacco brands. I haven’t seem them other than in convenience stores and some tobacco shops. I expect to see some of that as the other BT companies push into that marketplace.

    My own experience with Blu was very good. I never encountered a dud cartridge in over 200. I never had a bad battery. I also have a Premium 100 kit, I only bought online, and I never tried to buy anything listed as out of stock. I’ve stopped using Blu only because I prefer 24mg of nicotine and the highest they have is 2/3 of that at 16mg. It wasn’t enough to push me further away from regular cigarettes.
  9. PDADoc

    PDADoc Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    I understand your points. And I must say that your low failure rate with regard to the cartomizers is (IMHO) the exception rather than the rule.

    Also, while ignorant or indifferent retail help is annoying, they're not making the product, only selling it, and they're doing that under the strict sales guidelines laid down by the vendor, it's almost always like that.

    I'm not a sworn enemy of the brand/product, I really don't care that much; after all, I don't work for them and they're not paying my rent. The same should be true on the other side: apologists really shouldn't be defending a company unless they're zealots for the product (a la Apple), or they work for them.

    Blu won't have any impetus to stand by or improve their products unless one of two things happen (or both things): enough customers complain publicly enough to cause negative publicity for them. Or if the reputation for substandard products cause them to lose money.

    When I've had bad cartos from other companies, they've always replaced them. Always. Blu doesn't even want to know about it.

    All that money backing their brand but not enough to shore up QC or customer service, but they have enough to pay Jenny McCarthy. :rolleyes:

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  10. Pinggolfer

    Pinggolfer Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I tried Blu a few years ago and went right back to smoking. The charge was short, the battery charger failed and so did my attempt to quit smoking.
  11. tanzmitpalmer

    tanzmitpalmer Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 30, 2013
    Once I found some switched to Jet cartos, I'm pretty darned happy with my blu system. The batteries don't last long, but that's not such a big deal with the PCC, which is small enough to fit into my pocket for secret bathroom vape-breaks at work. It serves my needs just fine for now. I just wish their cartos were worth a darn. It's seriously a damn crying shame that they waste their juice in such poorly performing cartos.
  12. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    Switched to them and loving them so far. So no problems here!
  13. Dizzei.K

    Dizzei.K Full Member Verified Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    Torrington, CT
    I started with Blu and now it sits in my rotation next to my Reo and my iHybrid. Yes the battery life is dismal, and my Pcc RARELY connects my battery on the first five tries. But if I'm home dealing with my typical "holy f--- I want a cigarette" the blu seems to fill that gap where it needs filling

    I should add however that if I had some more cartos the Smokeless Image Volt would probably go back to being my main ecig, those things are INCREDIBLE!! Makes blu seem like a drop of water in the Dead Sea
  14. Gaspar74

    Gaspar74 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 10, 2013
    I started with a kit called smoke to live it sort of worked but very expensive. I quickly moved to an ego c twist and clearomizers and haven't looked back. The difference is night in day. This works for me and many others but like anything YMMV. GOOD LUCK!
  15. DasBluCig

    DasBluCig Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 30, 2013
    Chichester, NH
    My Blu Starter Kit will be my "pinch hitter" soon.....
    I've just ordered an Ego-T Spinner/Twist, and some good juice from Johnson Creek (Red Oak), should increase my vaping pleasure considerably!!:) a Provari very far off now????!!
    Seriously......for all that the Blu ISN' has to IS...what many of us "cut our teeth on" insofar as vaping goes...
    For THAT... I still believe it has its place....
    Kudos to Lorrilard...;)
  16. Mark C.

    Mark C. Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 13, 2012
    Easton, MD
    I Had Blu, Still Do Kinda I Know Its Around Here, But For Me My Problem With Them Was The Cartos... They Were Inconsistent And Seemed To Be To Dry And Burned To Quick. I Did Like Some Of The Flavors Though, Have Not Found A Vanilla Or Cherry Since That I Enjoyed As Much, Especially The Cherry Though (I Have Found Good Vanilla Flavors).

    Sorry About The Annoying Caps On Every Letter, My Phone Is Not Letting It Type Any Other Way At The Moment
  17. otrpu

    otrpu Account closed on request Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 5, 2010
    Smoked cigarettes for more than 52 years. From the first drag off my BLU ecig I knew I could switch off tobacco to ecigs. The BLU was pretty limited for a 2.5 pad smoker. But, after messing around with this and that and the other. . .after 3 years of ecigs I've not had a tobacco cigarette for three years. And, I haven't used an ecig since Feb 6th. As far as I'm concerned. . .I owe it all to that crappy little BLU/(and this forum). JMHO

  18. Mark C.

    Mark C. Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 13, 2012
    Easton, MD
    I'm glad you were able to quit, that's awesome. I'm not looking to quit vaping, I like it to much lol. Might have to if jobs keep telling me that they are going with another applicant though
  19. I started with a disposable BLU ecig to begin with, and that's what turned me onto vapeing. (That, and seeing peoples cool mods on Facebook. Lol.) I just decided to switch to an eGo and clearomizer with the price being more reasonable long-term, plus I'm a chain-vaper. I just today bought an iTaste MVP and am loving that even more! If you like the BLUs, that's cool. I just didn't dig the flavors too much ( the "tobacco" tasted more like strong coffee to me. Ugh.) Happy Vapeing!
  20. zudnic

    zudnic Full Member

    Jan 23, 2014
    Vancouver, BC
    I'm in Canada and don't order things online. Besides my shipments could be sent back to sender or seized all together by Canada customs. Seems this is less of a problem driving in. Work takes me to the states at least once per week. So I hit Costco for a quick shop. They sell the Blu starter packs for $24.48. Get charger 2 batteries and 5 flavors, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco,Magnificent Menthol and Vivid Vanilla. They also sell those flavors in 50packs for $91.83. Its not bad value and its convenient for me. Only reason I'm using Blu actually, nicotine levels are kind of low. I think the batteries and charger are damaged easily by over charging. Had one battery die and a charger, but it was under 90 days and Costco replaced them. I'm now more careful charging and haven't had a problem. Not a great product, but not entirely bad either, I can live with it.
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