What one thing that really changed your vaping experience for the better

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Aug 22, 2012
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    For me it was getting batteries and tanks that would deliver all day long. A couple of eGo Twists and half a dozen ViVi Novas did the trick and now it's BCCs (ProTanks and Evods) still have the eGo style or Spinner bats for on the go. Also a couple of RBAs to tinker with at home. Coming up on one year anniversary on the 29th. YAY! Never been this ling without a stinky before! (Well I did cheat a little and had a couple, but I'm not counting those. ;))

    Good e-juice is important too.
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  • Aug 13, 2011
      For me the transmission from smoking to vaping was seamless, One day I was a smoker, and the next day I was a vapor.

      The big "this is it" moment for me was one day I was doing the old eGo-T atomizer cleaning routine, and while I had a 510-T atty apart for cleaning I decided to see what all the hype was surrounding dripping. It was one hell of a WOW moment when I found out what e-liquids actually tasted like.


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      Jun 21, 2009
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        Easiest question I've ever seen...

        Dripping is the one thing that changed everything for me.
        Dripping is the one thing that made vaping a valid alternative to smoking for me.

        If it weren't for dripping, I would have stopped vaping years ago.

        No more refilling hassles, no more wicking issues, no more inconsistency.
        Better flavor and better vapor are just a bonus for me.

        So, yeah, dripping.


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        Sep 9, 2013
        Holly, Michigan
          just one?
          First it was learning the difference between PG and VG since I was not having any luck.
          Then it was getting a decent setup, although I might add the right juice took me over the next step closer.
          In the last day or so my new tanks are making it...

          since I am assuming there should be only one answer...mine has to be Being able to walk up three flights of stairs is what I have to say is the best.


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          Jan 17, 2013
            I have three major things that got me to where I am now...
            1. eGo twist with T3's got me off analogs.
            2. Carto tanks on my Provari kept me satisfied and were a step up from eGo's
            3. Ithaka... finally a reliable tank I can rebuild and carry with me without worrying about leaking. Can it possibly get better than this? IDK, we'll see what Imeo has up his sleeve....
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            Sep 21, 2011
            Roe Dylin
              Seems like we might get a lot of mod answers here, but for me it is a juice flavor. Once I found the right starter kit and then all the toppers and tanks, I think I settled into a routine.

              So three months later I ordered an RY4 from EC Blend and loved it. Then I went to the Really Big RY4 roundup thread, and found that one of my local B&Ms (Vaper's Knoll) had a highly rated RY4.

              Now I still enjoy my fruit flavored vapes, but I am finding that I go to the RY4s more and more each day. I switch juices in and out a lot throughout the day so I have never had an all day vape, so this was big for me IMO. :vapor:

              What about you?

              i was lucky enough to discover great juice very early into my vape career.
              the thing that first really changed things for me was an ego battery.
              then the resurrector cartos kicked things up a notch.
              then it was a VV device that really got me to where i want to be.
              finally the golden goose was RBAs.


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              Apr 10, 2013
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                I have multiple milestones, but looking back... discounting when I started vaping (after all, that is really #1 on everyone's list)...

                When I got my first dripping atomizer... a little bridgeless short barreled atty that I picked up in juice order from HHV.. Up until then, I had been vaping various clearos and some carts. And while they did a pretty good job, I was always curious when people talked about rich, strong, tasty flavors... because what I was getting was more muted, more subtle... like the different between a sip of orange soda versus a sip of orange flavored club soda... with the latter, you knew it was orange, but it was more of a suggestion of orange. That's what I got from vaping.

                The first time I fired that little dripper... it was like a slap to the face. Everything I ran through that little bit of nothing tasted so much MORE than in the Evods, or Vivis, or whatever...

                Now, the clearos and tanks are sitting in my drawer and I have a stable of various drippers, RDAs and a RBA.


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                Jul 27, 2010
                MS, USA
                  I remember I could barely taste anything except menthol when I first started vaping (2 PAD menthol smoker for 7 years). Really ruined the experience vaping unflavored air. No real satisfying body or taste.

                  Slowly my tastebuds repaired themselves and flipped the experience on its head. Also the obligatory cig-a-like to mod transition. That makes a huge difference as well.


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                  Jul 24, 2013
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                    Newbie here! Reading all this from you old fogies (G). And I remember driving cars that had clocks that ticked. Started with an 808, then a bigger (mah) 808, then a Provari (why screw around, might as well get it over with now!). Just started DIY juicing..no luck yet. My taste buds aren't cooperating, probably due to my meds. My next big step is to find a juice I like! After that thinking of rebuildables and a REO! By that time there will be the next latest and greatest thing to drool over!

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                    Sep 11, 2013
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                      The ECF.

                      I was about to order a cig-alike set and came here asking for help with juice nicotine concentration. Members here helped me skip the cig-a-like stage and jump directly to an ego-type kit, which saved me maybe $70 or so in the long run and which - by most accounts - resulted in a more positive 1st vaping experience. I'll guess never know that first-hand since I've never tried cig-a-likes, but I can now appreciate the what the downsides are to the cig-a-like genre.

                      Drip experimentation is also on on the horizon due to member assistance.

                      Mahalo to all ECF members who provided input, and in particular to Katya, Kent C and Train2 (in alpha order).


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                      Jul 22, 2013
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                        RDA's and learning to coil and wick them right, game changer for me.

                        I am planning to go REO soon, I have to figure all this stuff out. I am not the most mechanical person but I do have good attention to detail. Did you do a lot of research (youtube videos and the like), or did you just teach yourself?
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