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who got you into vaping and what happened to them

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Dec 14, 2013
    Nobody converted me, nor did I have any real intention of quitting. I had seen a couple of people vaping here and there last year and my thought was: They haven't really quit smoking.. Then toward the end of the year, I came across some article that was complaining that e-cigs were still unregulated and but that the FDA supposed to publish regs real soon now. So I figured maybe I should check it out before the government ruined it. After some googling (which strangely enough did not lead me to this forum) I ordered up a Halo Triton starter kit. I figured I'd see how many cigs I could replace with vaping, just out of curiosity. Four days after it arrived, I was down to 1 cigarette from 2 PAD. That afternoon, I drove to the closest B&M where I picked up a couple of 1300 mAh spinners and Protanks, as well as some non-tobacco flavored juice. I've not had a traditional cigarette since.

    However, I immediately developed a very bad case of GAS -- Gear Acquisition Syndrome. :laugh:


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    May 5, 2010
      I'd never heard of them. Was sitting in my county jury selection room. Saw a guy readin a book and suckin on something that the tip lit up red when he sucked on it, and he exhaled what looked like smoke. We were released, I followed him out to his car in the parking lot. Ask him, "What's that thing you're a suckin on?" He said, "it's an electronic cigarette." Got home, Googled it. Found ECF. Never saw him again. That's my story and I'm a stickin to it. JMHO

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      Jan 23, 2014
      Canyon Country
        Was smoking analogs before I got transferred to my current work site. Few of the coworkers I made quick friends with had eGos and other were still heavy on the stinkies. It wasn't until one coworker had upgraded from his eGo to a Nemesisi and Kayfun Lite setup and dazzled us all. Now most of us have mech mods and are vaping. Few still have the occasional smoke but it's really been quite the wave of conversion here.


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        Mar 18, 2013
          I was on the verge of quitting and going back to analogs again about a month ago. I was highly stressed and bought a couple of packs of smokes at different times but luckily ended up throwing them away. My friend Chuck was like "You can't quit! You are gonna ruin your life if you start smoking again!" Some times it was hard to take advice from Chuck because he a morbidly obese alcoholic Samoan midget with a vinyl fetish. But we were friends I used to stop by a few times a week to take the mail in for him since he didn't like to stand up unless absolutely necessary plus the mail box was up to high for him to reach. Some times the pizza delivery guy would leave the pizza Chuck ordered on top of the mailbox just to watch him try and jump and reach it. Anyways, I was gonna go buy some smokes but Chuck called me and said "You have to come by so I can at least try to talk you out of it. And bring me a bucket of extra crispy chicken." When I arrived at his house, the fire trucks were outside. I could see the windows were knocked out and asked what happened and if Chuck was ok. The fireman said "I'm sorry, your friend didn't make it" Horrified I ran inside and was shocked to see what I saw. The only thing burned was Chucks outline in his chair. A rare event of spontaneous human combustion. I mourned him after I grabbed his Chi You and other high end vape gear. Lots of it was unopened because he didn't want to bend over to pick it up. Some times I can still see that crazy midget leaping in the fog. He was a good man. Kept me from going back to cigs.
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