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who got you into vaping and what happened to them

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Aug 14, 2012
Dayton, Ohio
    I tried to quit using the gum once and it ended up making my tongue bleed. Also, driving in the car and after a meal was over broke me. I started smoking cigs again. Then one day I saw my cousin using what looked like a cartoon bomb detonator, a gray box with a giant red button in the middle. I hit the device, but couldn't see myself using something like that at the time (almost three years ago). At family functions he would bust it out and let me try it. I knew I liked it, but it still flew over my head. I forgot about them and continued smoking. Then one day at work, a new hire showed up and was vaping from an ego with a stardust clearo on it. Everyone at work was like, "Dude, you can't do that in the open!" and he was like, "What, it's just an e-cig," and all of us were amazed. I liked the sleek look, the way it hit, and the flavor was actually pretty good. The first smoker at work to try one out was the heaviest smoker of us all. He took to it immediately. After two weeks of seeing him and the first coworker happily vaping away, I told them I wanted a starter kit. When it showed up, I jumped about ten feet into the air. I made the switch immediately, too.

    My cousin is still vapin' away three years later, going long and strong. His ECF name is Vaping4sanity but he's hardly ever on anymore. The newer coworker who started us all out is now the marketing and sales director for a nationwide wholesale juice company that is relatively popular. And good ol' Leroy, the 2PAD smoker who switched first, he's still working at that crummy restaurant down under. But everyone there vapes now. Leroy used to be the grumpiest human being on earth. Now he just vapes away non stop and couldn't be happier. He probably saved more lives than he would care to admit.


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    Sep 27, 2013
    Thousand Oaks, CA
      haha, the way i started was kind of dumb lol. i saw the movie called "The Tourist" with Anjelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, and in one of the scenes he was smoking an e-cig and he explained what it was. when i saw this movie, i was a smoker, and a month or two later i realised.. "hey, you can actually buy those probobly" lol. so i looked up information about weather it smelled like smoke, or left a smoky trail behind and i looked it up on the internet and realised that it would be cool to use in my room or my car without leaving behind an obvious odor, not even realising that it was a healthy alternative. i looked all over for one, and finaly i found a disposable one that was tobaco flavor or something. it instantly blew me away and i liked it way more than smoking. i NO ONE in my town vaped at the time and there was one guy who manufactured "Vapage" ecigs, located in my town. so i baught a starter kit and baught juice cartos for a long time until i "upgraded" (lol) to an ego style kit with those little clearomizers. after about a half a year or something, i went online and baught a vivi nova tank with a ego c twist and juice from freedomsmokeusa, and used that for a looong time. after about 3 months, a vape store opened up in my neighborhood. the rest is history:)



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        I have quit 4 times now. The first time I did the patch and I quit for about 6 months, but after finishing the patches I turned into a neurotic mess! The second time I used Blu to quit but that only lasted a few months... The third time was this past July right after my knee surgery and that lasted a few days tops. My honey just recently moved to Hawaii and has always been a heavy smoker... Cigarettes in Hawaii cost between $8-$13 a pack... OUCH! Well, my honey made a new friend who had a Volcano LavaTube.... and she tried it and ended up buying one. Well she met with a lot of success in her experience and I knew that I needed to quit cigs before I move out there to join her... We were skyping one night talking about all of this and she made me promise not to buy anymore cigs... So I began my research on which one to get and every google search I did landed me here, so I gave up and made a ECF account and finished my research and got my first vape... the EVOD BCC in neon green, a few days later I got eGo Twist/Protank II, and then my VAMO V3 in the process of a week or so... I can't get enough! This forum brings me a lot of joy and information.... Especially since I've been laid up since knee surgery and am an insomniac. Recently, my Honey's lavatube kicked the bucket and she is not into the idea of getting a new one... it's in the trash. Since she's heard me rambling about this that and the other all involving vapes every night on Skype she sent me off to do her bidding... I just ordered her a Vision Spinner 1100 mah/Protank II to take to work or use as a backup and a Sigelei ZMAX/Protank II.... and of course a lanyard and a slew of EFest Batts.... she should be pretty spoiled rotten once it arrives.


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        Oct 22, 2013
        Near Jim Thorpe, PA, USA
          I spoke to a woman at a 4th of July party who told me she smoked 2PAD easy, and quit in a week with an ecig. She had a generic menthol cig-alike that she bought at a liquor store and I haven't talked to her since, but I'd love to know how she's doing with it and introduce her to better things (like my v3 and the awesome DIY juice I've been making) if she's still vaping. I'm hoping to catch up with her next 4th again and I figure it's the least I can do since I'd probably still be puffin the stinkies if it wasn't for her.

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          Jan 15, 2013
            Met a guy while disc golfing, in the winter, and he had a disposable. Let me take a few puffs and I liked it. Bought my own disposables (around 5 to 7) and then found deal online. That deal came way late, and in mean time I found V2 products. 2 years later, I still use V2 products and am very satisfied. Have never seen that guy again even while it would be entirely likely given how addictive disc golfing is.


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            Aug 1, 2013
              I had a friend in the States who used Blu, which got me curious. I found SkyCig (a 1:1 copy of Blue in the UK), and used it for a while. A horrible set-up really, but it did show me that I could make the switch.

              Didn't think I'd be able to phase out cigarettes very quickly, but from the day I got my SkyCig kit, I've never even taken a single drag from a proper cigarette!

              Oh, and my friend still vapes, and I've converted him to higher-end RBAs :)
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              Nov 23, 2012
                My wife bought me a starter kit form the Vape Dojo, cheap ego style.

                She used hers to quit and wanted me to quit so my smoking didn't tempt her. She is now back to smoking only using her original ego knock off when she is out somewhere that doesn't allow smoking.

                I gave up on vaping after only a few months and then started vaping again. Now I am the one that is being tempted by her smoking. Not a big deal as I really don't miss it that much and love vaping.

                In Alaska cigarettes are $9.00 a pack and I smoked 2.5 PAD, imagine how much money I have been able to spend on vape gear :) I think the USPS is back in the black solely based on the postage used to get all my orders to me.

                Funk Dracula

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                Jun 7, 2013
                  Stephen Dorff was walking on a beach with me one day. He kept yappin' away, tellin' me to take my freedom back or some crap like that. He just wouldn't stop pontificating, all while sucking on this silly little thing with a blue light on it.

                  It was absurd...

                  I dunno what happened to that guy. He was a thirsty loser always lookin' for an easy paycheck anyways.

                  What was the question again?



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                  Dec 6, 2013
                    * Who got you into vaping?

                    A tobacconist: I went in to get a pack of smokes, and left with my first e-cig and juices. That day, he got 60 euros instead of 6 out of me.

                    * What happened to them?

                    He lost a repeat customer, as I'll never buy a pack of smokes again.

                    Matter of fact, another tobbaconist I occasionally buy chewing gums from, who also sells those crummy e-cig starter kits in blister packages on the side, told me "It's great! We sell these electronic cigarette things like hot cakes and we're making a fortune out of them! We sold 15 just today!" And I quietly thought to myself "Enjoy it while it lasts Bubba, cuz when all these people you have hooked on vaping get serious about it, they'll go to a real vaping store to get their stuff, and you'll have shot yourself in the foot with your tobacco business." And the irony of it felt really satisfying to this ex-smoker, I'm ashamed to admit.


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                    Oct 12, 2013
                    The O.C.
                      while trying to quit drinking i found myself at a party just smoking.. ended up smoking more than a pack including some cloves.

                      went to the vape shop the next week with the friend that told me about vaping. i was hooked from the get go and quickly learned all the ins and outs about gear. she still uses a simple ego. i bought her some ego bling and a dabber atty but she doesn't feel the need to go beyond those. she's blown away at how much i've spent and how much time and energy i devote to this.

                      approaching 1 yr without alcohol and now 5 months solid without cigs and not looking back.


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                      Oct 4, 2012
                      Somewhere out there
                        My doctor. Showed me my chest X-ray with some nodules on one of my lungs ( about a year and a half ago ).

                        I freaked out and quit cigs cold turkey. When I went for the follow up ct scan, they were diagnosed as most likely related to the pneumonia that brought me to the hospital initially. What a major relief. But I made some promises in exchange for this result so I couldn't smoke cigs again even if I wanted to.

                        6 months later my lungs were clear.

                        I started to vape a month after quitting cigs cold turkey after a 30+ year habit of about 30 Marlboro lights a day.

                        So indirectly it was my doctor. He's not big on vaping and wants me to quit.

                        I'm big on vaping and unless my health suffers because of it I don't see myself ever quitting :)
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