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(Brainstorm) The Next Vaping Scandal(s)

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Vaping Master
ECF Veteran
Jul 1, 2012
Mallorca, Spain
My :2c:
Once the market is owned by BT, they will demonize every non BT vaping product.

A media campaign insinuating Chinese products, especially juice, may potentially be infected with corona virus.

More black market "mishaps" (real or media fabricated) to reinforce the NEED for tighter regulations and to discourage the general public from even considering DIY.

Caffeine, despite causing more deaths than nicotine, will remain America's favorite drug and it will continue to be perfectly fine to give a 3 year old a sip of Coke. If that same child hits a much less harmful vape, once; time to call CPS!



Vaping Master
ECF Veteran
Jan 15, 2013
There is naivite, and then there is stupidite.

People aren't "trolling" the thread, they are telling you this is a BAD idea. I don't think you have gotten ONE suggestion other than the ones you proposed.

You may want to think about that. I am not trolling you, I am giving you my legitimate opinion.


Considering it's the ONLY active thread in this sub-forum from 2020, I'm sticking to it. If you have a better idea, please start your own thread.

Some people are clearly trolling this thread. If this is not the thread for you, based on what OP is asking for, there is no (more) need to tell me that yet again. Thank you.
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