Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part Five

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Mar 3, 2013
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She's held up pretty well, all things considered .. :) .. Welcome, Sandy and thanks to Mike for his past efforts ..

There's that chair again, leaning too far to the right. :lol:



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Aug 14, 2014
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Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

................. To the fifth incarnation of the Back Porch
Mike has handed off to me the task of opening new threads for the Back Porch and notifying a mod when we need to close an old one.

While I have referred to this as a "task", it is not a chore, but a privilege. Being a charter member from the very first 55 and Older......which split into the two porches, I am honored to carry on what Txtumbleweed started and Mike has so beautifully continued.

For those who weren't fortunate enough to know him, Txtumbleweed was a friend, mentor and great story teller. A person who cared that we older folks had a comfortable place to ask questions, share knowledge, and our vaping journey. When that first thread was moved to the lounge because of too much chit chat and off topic posts......he started the Front and Back Porches, and guided those threads with a gentle hand.

The Front Porch, where posts were to be kept to vaping subjects, so as to keep it in the general discussion area of the forum, where new members to ECF could easily find it. The Back Porch is where we can all hang out, share our stories, pics, music, jokes, important life events, be they happy or sad. Just about any topic......within reason .... can be discussed here ;)

And if you wish to just keep it to vaping......please join in on The Front Porch

Older Folks and Vaping Front Porch - Part Four

As there is no way I can improve on the opening posts that Mike has made.....I'm giving you a link to the opening post for Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch-Part Four. :)

Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part Four

We've got a new Back Porch.....so pull out those chairs, rockers, recliners, put your feet up and enjoy. There is no age limit, no ID check....Many have come and gone, but all are WELCOME....and we hope you stay and sit a spell :)

Won't y'all please join me in thanking Mike for continuing this Porch that has become a home to many of us...?

Older People 55 and Up - precursor to Back Porch

Older Folks and Vaping - precursor to Front Porch

Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part 2

Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part Three

Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part Four

Thanks, Yiddle! Excellent intro!


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Mar 20, 2009
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Thank you Mike for keeping these threads alive with their true meaning....and thank you, Randall!!!


Sandy, you did a fantabulous job in introducing our new Porch!!!


And now, we can begin with a new Porch, but never forgetting the old!!!!!!


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Apr 25, 2012
ok I know I don't post much, but to up and move like that lol, following this one now and will try to pop in more often

Please do !!! Always happy to see our Porch people. Be it frequently...or seldom....the welcome sign is always there...:)
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