Thinking about buying a provari need the push!

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Jul 11, 2011
Ramona, OK
You'll love your Provari I love mine I've got a old black chrome with blue LED that i bought on they're cyber Monday sale best APV I've ever owned...downside is now I miss mine got it sent off for the V2 upgrade besides in my opinion the Lavatube is no comparison I have one in my hands right now to kinda tide me over until mine comes back...and also if your anything like me and clumsy the Provari will do you just fine I bounce mine across the floor daily and still going strong!


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Feb 19, 2012
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I got a good deal on a LT and I was curious to see what it is about. While for the money it is an awesome unit, it's not a Provari. It's not consistent, it isn't as well made, and it does NOT regulate the voltage like the Provari does. However, the LT is still well made, is more consistent than most units, and regulates the battery better than most. Especially as the battery dies, the voltage is not firmly regulated on the LT. Additionally, the voltage will fluctuate if you take longer hits...I did not believe this would be a difference in the vaping feel but it makes a huge difference if you take longer draws. I think the biggest thing you will like will be the better regulation.

This about says it about the voltage drop...I didnt believe this guy until I had both for myself.


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May 23, 2012
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Been using variable voltage on my lavatube for about 4 months now. Really happy to experience VV but for some reason I feel like I am not getting the true experience of VV. Looking for people to let me know If i should switch to a provari from a lavatube and why?

I really want a provari and just need that extra push

I was in the same boat until I read this thread and others regarding fire hazards from unattended LT 1.5's... Provari it is... 20th post! Now I can get verified and head over to the classifieds.


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May 22, 2010
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Im thinking the same thing. If my provari dies.. or needs to be shipped to ProVape, im screwed. Thinking of getting a backup mini on the 31st.

Provape's reputation for repair turnaround is lauded by many who have used the service (I haven't needed it so far). From what I hear 7-10 days is about average and that is from the time you drop it off until it comes back to your home. If you figure 6-8 days shipping back and forth, that's not bad. They get them in and out quickly.

I can deal with an eGo and a DCT dual coil carto tank if I have to for a week or so. That's a 7.7 watt vape at 1.5 ohms.


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Feb 2, 2012
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Sending the V1 off for the upgrade, can't go without a ProVari.


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May 7, 2012
Havent try the provari but I do have the Provape 1 and the craftmanship is superb, it's built like a tank with quality components, not like some chinese vv mods. So when the time comes for me to buy a vv mod (maybe for Christmas as right now I'm short on cash and Spent this month over $200 stocking up the provape 1) there will be no brainer, I'm getting the provari


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May 28, 2010
Chino, california
getting ready to pull the trigger my self after 3+ years of vaping.

I'm looking at the mini but a little leery about the 18350 batt. I'm used to 18650's and I'm a bit of a chain vaper.

May just opt for the standard V2

CAn anyone comment on the batt life of the 700mah on the minis? 6-8 hours sounds like a stretch unless you only vape 1 or 2 mls a day.

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