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Limiting vaping time idea

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Jan 13, 2014
central Virginia
    Crazy idea! Enjoy my vape more than I did cigs. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
    That's how I ended up quitting cigarettes. Had no intention to quit, just cut back some but after a few weeks I couldn't stand cigarettes because they messed up the taste of my vape juice, a tobacco smoke flavor.

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    May 30, 2017
      @Asbestos4004 , your restraint is admirable. I emulated it when some dude said he vaped for 5 years and "his Alien" never let him down and he was on his third one. I really wanted to say, "Um, I think you mean your AlienS, and two of them let you down by breaking so I'm not so sure they're exactly bolstering your vaping."

      I didn't though, it's my goal not to challenge Smok users directly, they've got explosive mods AND they're not afraid to use them!


      Maria S.

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      Mar 19, 2016
      Tampa Bay
        That's what TC is good at. To keep chain vaping from getting too hot. Although power users just keeps dialing back the watts and that works too.

        Wow! I don't have an exact count, but I believe you have me beat by double at least. Although I have like six in rotation and the the rest kind of sit there. But I've been only vaping since the late 2014.
        Honesty I give alot away to friends to help them quit smoking. I always buy something because I think I will love it then when I fill it up, it doesn't taste right to me lol so it sits a
        No one said non smokers should start vaping nicotine, you sure like read more into the words on the screen than what is actually there, aka, make stuff up.
        Anyone with enough gumption to select a setup & e liquid, charge a battery, fill a tank & press a fire button has enough intelligence to be aware of & perform routine maintenance. Those that chose to remain willfully ignorant about simple things need written directions and safety nets to walk to their mail box unassisted.
        I had no idea you knew most vapers, wow, that's a whole bunch people, your Christmas card list must be humongous.

        Since you're "out of this discussion" allow me to say;

        Well,, bye.
        Bye, Felicia

        Whichever you like best.
        You took the words right out of my mouth lol what is wrong with some people these days


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        Sep 16, 2017
          Found the problem!

          If someone doesn't want to use their brain, they shouldn't be doing anything that requires brainpower in the first place. You shouldn't be inviting things that promote such lazyness.
          Reminds me of somethin my ex father in law used to say....thats what ya get for trying to think without the proper equipment....he used to say a lot of other stuff too but i cant share that here lol.


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          May 22, 2015
            While reading this I felt the slightest sense of refraining from critique of this ludicrous idea purely on the basis of him/her being new here. I ain’t got the time to click to find out,

            He brought up vegans. I have no idea why, I’ll sling it in the pile with all of the other :censored: thoughts that my man has conjured thus far.

            Keep thinking boss. You might get there one day...
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