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Discussion in 'ADHD - The Ultimate Multi-taskers Who Get Nothing ' started by Shelbeethehmmrgirl, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Gabe1291

    Gabe1291 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 15, 2010
    Charlotte, NC
    Hi, I'm Gabe
    From SC
    Final semester Engineering Double Major >.<
    This will be career #11-13 for me so far, lol It has carried over into my work
    So far I've been in the Army, Trucker, Bartender, CCNA, A+, Electroplating Tech, Loss Prevention, Car Sales, Farmer, and Game Dev.....about to add Mechanical Engineer, Graphical Engineer, and Drafter to the list >.<
    27, ADHD confirmed at 7, suspected by age 3, lol
    Prefer to call it ADOS.....Attention Deficit.....OOOOH SHINY O_O
    Figured out how to harness the wonderfulness of it to the point where I need 4 comp monitors to keep up
  2. Demoness

    Demoness Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 12, 2010
    Port Richey, Florida
    Hello all- My name is Kim and I myself do not have ADD/ADHD (however my hunny thinks I do) but my 8yr old son does. I hope you dont mind me posting here- I was hoping that maybe sometimes I could get advice from you all when it comes to my little guy- Shane. We are doing our best to help him, but also nurture the advantages he has with having ADHD. They say he is somewhat Autistic- but high functioning-on the border of aspergers- but was never officially diagnosed- just with ADHD. He can be an odd child and I wouldn't change that for anything! Thanks all- again I hope you all don't mind :)
  3. Zapp and Roger

    Zapp and Roger Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 28, 2010
    Dayton, Ohio
    Welcome! :D As you can see the social groups move at the speed of glavial movement lol :) We just miss any new threads because ECF allows us such a broad range of sub-forums. You are welcome to hang about and ask questions, there seems to be plenty of adults here who have found there own ways of coping with the deficiencies ADD might bring along. But rememeber that there are a lot of great things that come along with ADD too like exceptional verbal skills, a higher degree of empathy usually, and teh ability to singularly focus on one task to an extreme (even though if it bores us we move on and come back lol). I choose to see it as a positive and always will. So what if I'm poorly organized, bad short term memory, and kinda impulsive. :)
  4. Lokiran

    Lokiran Full Member

    OI! My name is Dillon and I have ADHD. It's extremely disabling.

    At home I can read about 5 pages of a book before I divert to something else and am lucky if I get back to the read before another day. When I watch television I watch 3 programs at once... unless I'm geekin' out on Stargate or the Discovery Channel. My browser... I love you Chrome... so much, I have about 15 tabs going at once and just as DanteInferno up there, I do get back to them... eventually. I've had to re-read this post 6 times already to avoid sounding like an idiot. When at home and I try to focus on one task, I get depressed. In my own head I've finished what I've started just by thinking about it and it becomes very drudging.

    The outside of the house I can't keep my mind from racing and dissecting every situation I come across. Once I'm done with it.. I'm done with it, and I'm on to something next... even if it's in my own head and it outs the people I'm with.. it's socially crippling... don't even get me started on how badly it's ....ed up my sex-life over the past few years. When I talk to people I try to make my point far to quickly and generally believe I've made that point before I move on, leaving others behind.

    I'll wrap it up with one bit of self-help that I've started recently that is actually helping me focus on some things without losing my mind. SAMe. S-adenosylmethionine 400mg's a day. Bought off the shelf at most grocery stores, it's a mild anti-depressant/anti-anxiety.. a mood regulator.. sounds like crap and most with ADD wont even bother to read this, but it helps with keeping calm or picking yourself up when you need it to focus, it's a chemical your body produces on it's own but a lot of those with Attention Deficit don't produce enough. Together with some ginkgo-boloba and fish-oil... I've gained bounds in focus and am generally happier... it's completely safe, even just to try.. I recommend it for all suffering in lack of focus. Love and Peace
  5. Zapp and Roger

    Zapp and Roger Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 28, 2010
    Dayton, Ohio
    Thanks Lokiran I'll look into that I'm very curious now (SAMe).
  6. southernjaperican

    southernjaperican Full Member

    Jan 1, 2011
    Memphis, Tn
    Hi all! I'm Scott. I'm brand new to vaping (been analog free 6 days now since i picked up my npro 6 days ago). I'm still waiting on a 510 pcc kit from madvapes (ordered it friday and have been tracking it's progress through USPS way too often) and I am already thinking of building a mod or 2 (with the 2 npro kits I have right now regardless that I have no e liquid till the mail runs tomorrow). Meh, I'm tired of parenthesis and correcting my spelling now.
  7. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 22, 2010
    Carroll County, Ohio
    Hi, I'm Dustin from Canton, Ohio. I managed to read the first three or four pages then surprisingly stepped away for a while. I wanted to post so I don't forget where the group is, so here is that post.

    I've never been diagnosed, but I think it's pretty clear that I meet all the criteria of ADD. As for the specific "grain," I've got a high IQ and often get lost with menial tasks. I tend to assume a mastery level after only a basic knowledge of a topic. I can hyperfocus, and am even capable of doing several tasks at once - as long as they're all interesting. I have a hundred hobbies which rarely get attention. I'm going to school for video game design (specifically programming), which is going well as long as I can read what I need to learn. That makes some of the math classes a little rough because some profs like to stray from the text a good bit. I'm also a little OCD, but that can also be labeled "neurotic" depending on how you look at it.

    Fortunately, I see my ADD as a part of me I wouldn't change, along with being colorblind. It allows me to see and do things in a way totally unique to me. "Normal" people have no way of understanding what I see. Knowing what I'm dealing with (both colorblind and ADD) allows me to understand when that part is taking over and avoid any ill effects in many cases. It also allows me to work in areas where those traits are beneficial. However, being colorblind is lame when you like to do artistic projects like painting (why is that evergreen blue?) and electronics (what color are those bands on the resistor?).

    Sometimes, it does get the best of me though. For example, I don't study enough as I can finish a programming assignment in under half an hour without learning more about the principles the assignment is trying to teach. Another example is me sitting at work rifling through forums instead of...doing work. I hope I get to meet more people like you all (like me) with whom I can discuss these things. So happy I found this subforum!
  8. Daifne

    Daifne Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2010
    Hi everyone. I'm back. Sorry I was MIA... I got distracted. ;-)
  9. Daifne

    Daifne Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2010
    Tee-hee! Looks like everyone else got distracted as well. ;-)
  10. Zapp and Roger

    Zapp and Roger Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 28, 2010
    Dayton, Ohio
    It tends to stay kinda quiet in the subforums :D lol But we're reading!
  11. Bamboo

    Bamboo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 8, 2011
    Northern California
    My name is Melody and I have ADD was diagnosed in my early 20's. Hope everyone is doing well. :)
  12. Ronda

    Ronda Full Member

    May 21, 2011
    Hi All,

    I'm Ronda, and was diagnosed with ADD with Hyperfocus about 5 years-ish ago. I'm in my mid-forties, so it did help with explaining some of the difficulties I ran into over the years. Read everything I could find on ADD, and like many of you, decided it's a wonderful gift. I've used my talents to create a business that allows me the freedom to wander from project to project as my current interests dictate. Getting a full cycle of laundry done, however, takes multiple alarms, a strong need for something in there, and a fierce determination to get all the way through it "this time." <bleh> Thank God, for Wash, Dry, Fold!

    I loved the idea of ADOS (Attention Deficit... OHHHH, SHINY...) and I'm quite sure Google is God... Can't stand to watch TV without my lappy and Google Chrome at the ready to answer any stray questions that might pop into my head. And did I see another StarGate Fan? Was that not the most fabulous SciFi series (in all it's incantations) EVER? Think we'll get another movie?

    Can't take any of the meds tried, and gave up. Did follow much of the advice in several books - and found I had already "created" many of the coping skills required to manage my way through the western world successfully. Anyone else here create a specific place to hang keys, drop phone and wallet, glasses and PV FIRST - no matter what or who is demanding my attention upon entering my current place to land? Anyone else stick to 4 pocket pants for a quick and easy check before leaving said domicile? Blew my father's mind when he watched me get ready to go one day - hold on Dad, I can't leave until I check - 1,2,3,4 - crap where's 4? Hang on Dad - let's see, I'm missing front right pocket - my phone - crap... Oh here it is, hiding under my lappy. OK, let's go...

    Relationships have been hard - mostly on my partner - but I did discover that being loving and patient is the FIRST thing I look for in a relationship. And that it was important to me to make my own way in the world - are you listening ladies? "NO ONE'S COMING TO SAVE YOU!" That has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

    To the Mom with the ADD/Asperger's child - have you by any chance looked into the Son-Rise Program? It's truly an amazing way to help your child - and yourself.

    Has anyone else on this board found that Vaping doesn't quite give the same satisfaction as smoking did? I'm loving Dvap's exploration into the Whole Tobacco Alcoloids (sp?)...

    But I diverge...

  13. the ob

    the ob Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jan 31, 2011
    WOW. Finding this group felt like the first time I read a article about add/adhd and realized that I had that. It is very eye opening. What is amazing is how much of what you are saying resonates and how much does not at the same time. We are all so different.....

    About me. I am 42 years old and just discovered that I have this.

    I own my own business which has been successful. I like the people part of the business and despise the "behind the scenes" aspects of my job. The issue is that I have to get those tasks done or it can greatly effect my business. Also, I am in a business where I deal with a tremendous amount of vendors. Cultivating those relationships is extremely important to me. I mostly do a great job with it, but can also have a tendency to lose patience and sever those relationships when I get frustrated. It has not hurt me often, but I have ruined relationships occasionally because of this.

    I am extremely impatient, anxious and have trouble focusing. I get very frustrated while driving with all the other drivers on the road because they are not moving fast enough. I feel like a shark that has to keep moving or I will die.

    I am either hyper aware of my surroundings or focused on one thing and do not notice what goes on around me. I am very intuitive and emphatic. I often feel as though I care and focus on other feelings more than they do for me. This is frustrating. I will say that people that do not know me, would say I am conceited and that I need to be the center of attention. This might be true sometimes :)

    I would not trade this for the world. I really view this condition as a gift. I have been seeing someone for just a couple of weeks and she started me on Straterra which I had to quit after two days. The side effects were insane. I have started Riddalin today and we are going to see how that goes. Everyone that knows me thinks ultimately that I will NOT like taking meds. Even my sister said that.

    I quit smoking and drinking coffee three years ago. I have recently dabbled in the coffee a little bit. I own a vape that I use with 0% occasionally. I am seriously considering starting to vape with actual nicotine as I seemed to be much happier and well adjusted when I smoked. Even my girlfriend of 11 years sometimes asks me to start smoking again. It is interesting to read about people with this condition and their relationship with smoking. I have to admit, that I am a little afraid to start up again as it was so hard to quit. I have never gotten over it though and it has been three years. I think it might really help me but I have to admit I am hesitant to pull the trigger because quitting is so hard. I have often joked that I cannot wait till my death is imminent so I can start smoking again :)

    I have the vape and nicotines ready in different MM sizes just ready to go. I just need to decide if it will help enough to get started again. Even my acupuncturist suggested ecigs and a way to deal with my issues.

    P.S. I have always sucked at math. I had to go back and edit this so that I capitalized all the first words of the sentences. :blush:

    anyway, good to be here. thanks for doing this.
  14. jordonm41

    jordonm41 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 3, 2011
    ohio USA
    Hi jonda here been on the forum for awhile hang out in PIF most the time but know I will fit in great with this group too
  15. swirleydude

    swirleydude Full Member

    Jul 28, 2011
    Indianapolis, In
    Hi all, I'm Jason. I was medicated for ADD at a very early age and have struggled with it ever since.

    Highschool was the worst because I knew I knew the subject matter I just kept failing because I couldn't concentrate on the homework. That was when I started cutting.

    I've since sought professional help and while I've been able to kick ADD medication I am still depend on caffeine and nicotine to function.
  16. ego-fan

    ego-fan Moved On

    Apr 7, 2012
    Hi ALL :) Think I may be brave enough to join now :)
    Thanks for sharing your stories....Like you...I had a bad time in school, I was bored to tears most of the time, and did not fit in with the crowd so to speak...I kept to myself...and my horses...they saved my life :)
    I have had more than 30 jobs....started 5 different educations....always foget my grocerylist, and have to go back to the store:ohmy:Here is my checklist :
    I am ambidextruous (two handed..left hand for artistic effort...wright hand for using tools...wrighting with both)
    High IQ...(but not very clever :))
    Selfmedicating for, and cigarettes. Now vaping and hot chokolat:)
    suffer from migraines and deppression....especially in my early youth
    Impulsive and somewhat selfdestructive....anything for a thrill:)
    Colour blind......annoying as h..
    Like to work while listening to the radio and having the tv on, and cooking something and talking on the phone (headset)
    inadvertantly tapping my foot or fingers and driving everybody mad:ohmy:
    Procrastinating until the last minuite.....then working like crazy...forgetting to eat and drink....then pass out:laugh:
    Beginning to accept that I have to live and die alone.....
    Hate mondane boring to star trek....and I am a to keep track of Bigfoot, and all the rest of the imaginative C to C subjects.

    That was waaaaay to much about me.....(not a narcissist....promise....just got rid of one)

    OH and if my spelling sucks...English is not my first language...havent used it for years....and I really cant be bothered with spelling...I am 5 min. now to deadline...gotta rush.....stay cool :2cool: keep :vapor:
  17. Bamboo

    Bamboo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 8, 2011
    Northern California
    Hi ego fan. I know what you mean about procrastinating until the last minute. I do that with everything from the bus to a bill I forgot to pay. :):vapor:
  18. rober36

    rober36 Full Member Verified Member

    Mar 20, 2012
    I'm glad I found this group, and am a little surprised there is one... My name is Rob, I was diagnosed with adhd in high school, about five years ago. I went without medication for it after I graduated high school until the beginning of this year. I am a full time student and work full time so it has been very helpful. Since high school I have been a heavy smoker and a couple months ago I switched to vaping. It's been great so far and the only negative is that I have so many toys/forums to distract me while I am trying to study now haha...
  19. Bamboo

    Bamboo Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 8, 2011
    Northern California
    Hi Rob welcome. I have been absent from the forums for a while myself but sense I been back I have been reading and seeing the new stuff they have come out with.
  20. ego-fan

    ego-fan Moved On

    Apr 7, 2012
    Hi Bamboo :) Hi Rober :) oooh yes....procrastinating...and distraction....MUST pay those bills....but i have just seen a picture of pink e-cigs.....PINK....sweeeeeet......
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